Highly specialised technology & data teams. We’re a network of digital specialists that do things a little differently… Together, we build teams, products and solve business technology problems. Projects

Build a team of specialists with the capabilities your business needs.

From research and strategy to design, development and support, we manage the entire product development cycle to create digital solutions that grow your business.

Hybrid Project Teams

From innovation to speed of delivery, leading companies are adopting the benefits of cross-functioning hybrid teams. Curate a team of specialists from the Digital Village network to build your product or redesign systems.

Strategy & Transformation

The rise of digital technology has transformed the way we engage with clients. Our digital strategy and transformation teams align all digital elements of your business to create a system that delivers real value to your customers.

On demand specialist

Finding the right people to join your team or project can be time consuming and frustrating. Our on-demand service gives you access to our carefully curated network of digital specialists. Recruit top talent on terms that suit you.

The way we work and hire has changed.

The flexibility that people want is the flexibility that organisations need. As a network of digital specialists, we work together on a project basis that aligns with how we want to live our life, manage our relationship with work and creates shared value for our customers.

It’s a people thing

Digital Village is home to a community of entrepreneurs and digital professionals that have bucked the 9-5 trend to collaborate on meaningful projects. Meet the specialists ready to help you achieve your goals.

Jithesh Krishnan

Senior developer

Ashur Lazar

IT Consultant

Michael Sutjiadi

Digital Project Manager

Brett Stone

Fullstack Web Developer


Predictive Maintenance software specialist

Clients we’ve helped

People come to Digital Village with a wide range of problems and ideas. The broad and diverse capability of the network provides businesses of all shapes and sizes to get the support they need.These are just some of the projects our specialists have delivered products for or steered through a digital transformation.

Our client’s success in their own words

Partnerships are as important to us as products. Read and hear what our clients have to say about the time they visited Digital Village.

The latest from our town square

Browse our bulletin board for the latest thought pieces and musings of the Digital Village community.

Episode 7: Decentralised Internet and Cyberbullying

Jason Hardie and Paul Scott are delighted to be joined on That Digital Village Show by Australia’s eSafety Commissioner, Julie Inman-Grant.  They’ll be discussing a few of biggest topics in news over the last couple of months, the Dectralisation of the Interenet and Cyberbullying.

Episode 5 – the Environmental Cowboy

On this lockdown special of That DV Show!, we were joined by the Environmental Cowboy, Khory Hancock.   He sat down with Paul to give fascinating insights into carbon farming, his upcoming film, ‘A Blue Hope’, and why we need to change mindsets when finding long term solutions.

Episode 6: Cyber Security

During the fifth episode of the coveted tech talk show, Jason, Paul and Luke will be joined by an expert panel to dive into the murky world of cyber crime and cyber security.

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Lets Talk About Your Needs