Welcome to the Village

Our Village has found a way to deliver world-class technology solutions to our clients and also positively impact humanity and our environment on a global scale.

Welcome to the Village

Join the movement of conscious people thinking and operating at higher levels of mindfulness, strategic competence, environmental sustainability and social conscience.

Digital Village is an online platform that provides a way for Independent Contractors & Agencies to expand their business. By finding good people to work with, and technology that addresses common problems faced when running projects.

Join the movement of conscious people thinking and operating at higher levels of mindfulness, strategic competence, environmental sustainability and social conscience.

On-Demand CTO

A Producer is a business partner and can be relied on to provide their client with intelligent and strategic technology direction that is designed for the future of technology.

On-Demand CTO
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“The Digital Village model has proven an ideal solution for our organisations technology needs. Our on-demand technical director manages the technology for each of our brands. Having one point of contact has saved us time and money”
Imagine Corporation
“We sought out the expertise of Digital Village to build an online platform that captured our vision – to share and inspire healthy food and lifestyle choices for modern, everyday living. The DV team offered great ideas and helped us deliver a digital product which is versatile, modular and something we can continue to grow..”
Real Food Instinct

Product Management

A Producer acts as the glue that holds all the moving parts of a project together, on time, on budget and in the desired direction. Managing the relationships between various teams and the clients expectations.

Product Management
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Software Development

A Digital Village Producer works closely with their client to understand their requirements, assemble the right team to deliver the work and their client can monitor the progress of the job through their online dashboard!

Software Development
Speak To A Producer
“DV built us a platform that has allowed us to achieve over $1M in revenue within our first 6 months of trading and our success here is a huge testament to everyone within the digital village.”


A Producer listens, understands, and produces results.

Luke Fabish
Luke Fabish Producer

Luke is a professional software developer with 20 years of experience that ranges from developing web services for national telephony projects to integrating business reporting requirements across a 7000 person enterprise. He now specialises in working with web technologies such as JavaScript, React and Node, and loves talking to clients about how they can make technology work for their business.

Ari Yeganeh
Ari Yeganeh Producer

Originally trained as an actuary, Ari has 5+ years experience in customer and marketing analytics working with some of the largest brands in Australia using data to drive innovation and growth. Ari’s specialties include: Hypothesis Testing, Web Analytics, A/B Testing, Demographic Analysis, Segmentation Analysis, Propensity Modeling, Churn Analysis, Customer Lifetime Value, Attribution Modeling, Campaign Analysis & Optimisation.

Chris Magick
Chris Magick Producer

Chris is the founder of Sustainable Valley. More than a co-working space, it’s a place that is designed to nurture sustainable and responsible businesses through deeper channels of collaboration and a more holistic approach to productivity. With over fifteen years experience working as a designer and creative director he brings together a team of marketing and brand specialists delivering high quality results for enterprises with impact.

Michael Sutjiadi
Michael Sutjiadi Producer

Michael is a business process consultant and a project manager with over 14 years of experience delivering technology solutions for global blue-chip enterprises, government agencies and start ups. Michael delivers clarity in business process requirements, strategic operations, resource optimisation and in implementing technology solutions for his clients.

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