Meet the residents of our digital village.
Luke Fabish
CTO/ Co-founder
Jack of all trades, master of… most.

When it comes to technology solutions, Luke is your man. The Tassie-native has experience working with consultancies, enterprise and small business throughout Australia as a senior software developer turned CTO. Luke is passionate about creating software that provides real value to end users and products that make businesses more successful. 1/3 of ‘The Digital Village Show!’ and master of the single take on camera.

Sydney, Australia
Jason Hardie
CEO/ Co-founder
Captain, leader, legend.

Having grown up on a farm in rural Queensland, Jason traded cattle for code after becoming fascinated with the infinite possibilities of technology. He began his career in IT as a freelancer due to valuing independence, choice and flexibility in his work life. Digital Village was founded to give other tech professionals a platform to find the same purpose, choice and flexibility. All round top bloke, unintentionally hilarious and 1/3 of ‘The Digital Village Show!’.

Sydney, Australia
Paul Scott
Advisor/ Director
Omnipotent confidante.

A reformed management consultant, Paul has spent his career working with organisations facing challenges with customer management and business growth. He has set up ventures in the Middle East, Asia and Europe and spent the last six years working in Australia with digital solution start-ups and scale-up. Paul acts as the voice of reason, current Connect 4 Champion, long suffering Arsenal fan and final 1/3 of ‘The Digital Village Show!’. 

Sydney, Australia
Chris Sinclair
Chris Sinclair
Digital CX Strategy and Facilitator
Digital native with a penchant for post-its.

Solving complex problems and building strategies need-not take an eternity. All you need is a room, post-it notes, pens and Chris. He works with start-ups and organisations to develop products and go-to-market strategies utilising agile and design sprint methodologies. If you want to get from A to B as fast as possible, he’s the one to get you there. Proud owner of more camera equipment than Universal Studios and mortal enemy of escape rooms.

Sydney, Australia
Steven Green
Digital Marketing
Modern-day Shakespeare.

A loquacious individual who prides himself on never having a ‘real job’ and having only read four books, although it remains unclear if either is through choice. Steve started a digital marketing agency after university that helped small/ medium businesses grow their online presence and give potential customers a reason to care. The real brains and beauty behind Digital Village, in no way responsible for writing these bios and handy in a pub quiz.

Sydney, Australia
Gauri Shukla
Marketing Coordinator
Intern extraordinaire.

Gauri joined Digital Village after coming to Straya with a blank slate. In her native India, she co-founded Navriti, a social initiative that impacted hundreds of underprivileged families. Gauri loves all things advertising, marketing, data, branding and beer pong. Alongside her role as DV party starter, she also serves as VP of Marketing for the Graduate Student Association at UNSW where she’s studying her Masters in Commerce.

Sydney, Australia
Jithesh Krishnan
Digital Solutions Delivery and On Demand CTO
Tech Lord

From requirement analysis to digital solutions development and implementation, Jithesh has donned many a cap for global brands across banking, manufacturing, aviation, healthcare and E-commerce, ergo, knows just about everything. After over a decade in corporate world, he wanted to return to solving business problems with technology with fewer restrictions and more grinning. Without question the most popular member of the team.

Sydney, Australia

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