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Charlotte Rose Mellis
Charlotte Rose Mellis Digital Village Producer

Global Director Consultant


With a Bachelor of Science (Psychology & Business Management) and a Graduate Diploma in Psychological Science, my work is influenced by a passion for human-centred design and a decade of experience integrating tech, business and impact as a self-taught web engineer, to create lucrative solutions that regenerate natural environments and grow revenue simultaneously.

Beyond the corporate realm, my love for sailing, diving and anthropology has me translating business skills to run a remote expedition company, uniting guests on cultural immersions that directly invest in the establishment of ecological solutions with partner communities across outback Australia and islands of Asia Pacific. The Bewilder Eco incubator was formed to generate economic opportunity through wilderness preservation. Providing local organisations and community groups with access to impact consulting, stakeholder mediation, micro-investment opportunities and a multi-faceted enterprise program that equips developing nations with financial and digital literacy.

Recent career highlights include Speaking at TEDx Tahiti, Finalist for the Young Sustainability Champion NSW and Winner of FYA Pitch the Future (Tech for Good).


Business Strategy


Public Health


Mobile Devices

Product Management

Business Analysis

Solution Selling

Go-to-market Strategy

Business Intelligence

Professional Services

Strategic Planning

Event Management

Sales Management


Managed Services


Key Account Management



Pre Sales

Cloud Computing

Account Management

Solution Architecture

International Sales

Marketing Strategy

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Customer Relationship Management

Primary Skills

Digital Marketing



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Director of Strategic Projects 01 year & 04 Months


Jun 2018 – present

Melbourne, Australia

As Director of Strategic Projects, I am responsible for hand-selecting highly skilled and multidisciplinary teams to execute Wilderness Regeneration training programs in urban to extremely remote environments across Australia. From a strategic business perspective, our model integrates technology, indigenous wisdom, architecture, environmental and psychological sciences to establish lucrative and thriving ‘domesticated wilderness’ solutions for visionary organisations, with Traditional Owner communities, councils and in private homes.

Providing end to end ecological rejuvenation initiatives that represent localised culture regarding native flora and fauna, with residential and commercial clients who wish to re-wild their habitat, our comprehensive services are tailored to optimise impact, educate and establish ongoing revenue streams for ecologically savvy people.

Suite of Services

– Ecological Assessment
– Cultural Advisory (Localised Aboriginal Flora & Fauna Consultation)
– Landscape Design / Architecture
– Wilderness Regeneration
– Therapeutic Spaces
– Species Habituation
– Autonomous Gardens / Internet of Things (IoT)
– Carbon Sequestration Programs

As a social enterprise, 10% of all Bewilder residential and commercial solutions directly fund the remote Bewilder Eco Incubator. This signature program equips Australia’s most economically marginalised and developing communities, including Traditional Owners, with practical skills training, financial literacy and micro-investment opportunities to protect Country and preserve ancient wisdom.

Digital Village Producer present 08 months

Digital Village

Feb 2019 – Present


Helping non-tech business owners with their digital strategy and execution.

As a Producer in the Digital Village senior team, it is my role to translate client objectives into tangible, digital actions for high impact outcomes. Working with start-ups and established businesses as a digital specialist to achieve transformation and growth, I enjoy defining complex projects into effective plans, mobilising skilled teams and liaising across diverse industries to produce unique and exciting results for my clients.

Core Services

– Creative Design (Branding, Digital Identity & Collateral)
– Social Media Marketing (Strategy & Management)
– Digital Communications, Blog / Multimedia Content (Strategy & Management)
– Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
– Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)
– eCommerce Website Design
– WordPress Website Design
– User Experience (UX)

Fixed price project delivery available, plus ongoing business technology advisory.

Business Program Facilitator present 02 Years & 06 Months

Global Sisters

Apr 2017 – present

Sydney, Australia

Global Sisters is a global innovation and an Australian first. Our model empowers women to become financially independent, through the start up or growth of a current business.

My work with the GS team involves devising and implementing best practice around empowering women facing a diversity of barriers, through self employment. Together with inspiring women, communities and partner organisations, we work passionately across the east coast of Australia tackling a multitude of barriers faced by refugee, migrant, Aboriginal Australian women to domestic violence survivors and ex-prisoners.

It is my pleasure to drive engagement for Global Sisters, through a multi-tiered role enabling me to unleash my passion for social and environmental health through sustainable design by harnessing my skills in enterprise strategy, partnerships, project management and impact.

My prior experience consulting with product-based businesses has also provided a platform for me to work directly with Global Sisters executives on an internal strategy to reduce our environmental footprint. I am dedicated to leading the implementation of the Green Enterprise standard across our greater Sistertribe (female business women’s network), meaning that new businesses founded by our community of women are created with a Life Cycle Thinking approach, complimentary engagement strategies and a plethora of approved eco-suppliers.

I made the decision to conclude the role based in Sydney as Accelerator Lead with Global Sisters to focus intensively on VOPO Earth projects, devoting my presence across Asia Pacific. This has provided an even richer value for all parties, as I continue to be engaged officially as a Sister School (enterprise program) Facilitator Australia-wide.

Director of Programs, Partnerships & Communication 3 Years & 02 Months

VOPO Earth

Jan 2016 – Feb 2019

Asia Pacific

Safeguarding Earths remaining biodiversity through enriched experience.

VOPO drive positive ecological change through futuristic sustainability projects across remote Asia Pacific. Providing opportunities for professionals and academics to participate in these initiatives, through boutique eco conferences and curated in-country Impact Adventures. Locals and guests together embark on provoking, highly intellectual experiences that meticulously explore wilderness and culture alongside modern science and enterprise. Impact Adventures, unique Brainmelt™ workshops look to nature to overhaul systems, reimagining the future of life and business.

As Director of Programs, Partnerships & Communication from 2014 to 2018, during this phase of leadership our team scaled the company across 5 countries, providing income, training and enterprise opportunities directly to over 400 entities. I successfully established over 8 long-term community partnerships, worked with a strong family of over 30 approved affiliated sponsors and grew a digital and face to face community of over 40’000 members. From 2016, I led the design, pilot and implementation of signature Wilderness Impact Adventures and Brainmelt™ programs.

Chief of Technology & Communications 02 Years


Jul 2016 – Jun 2018


The Genfriends intergenerational platform was created with a team of passionate young students and professionals, as a campaign to curb social isolation within fragmented Australian communities. Inspiring dignified connection, genXchange programs ran successfully across Queensland and New South Wales to facilitate a world where youth and wisdom unite to empower marginalised demographics and minimise the prevalence of preventative health issues.

As Chief of Technology & Communications, my role was to lead the development of the digital platform, all web services and communications. Within a small team, I was also responsible for creating detailed proposals for the Aged Care, Health & Wellbeing, Insurance sectors, presenting at an executive level and managing business development and national public relations.

The Genfriends initiative was designed to be scaled through partnerships with local community organisations, which we successfully achieved, with 6 programs running concurrently. This was managed internally with our integration, training and systems in accordance with relevant license agreements.

Health & Wellbeing Manager 02 Years & 02 Months

RSL Care

Jan 2015 – Feb 2017


In national partnership with Lendlease Retirement Living, RSL Care Health & Wellbeing services were designed to disrupt the senior health care industry by using technology and visionary health solutions to create personalised health services at scale. The progressive solution was created by our team of innovative hub members directly with Australian seniors, to empower quality of life, dignity and meaning.

The prevention-focused initiative has empowered thousands of residents across Queensland and New South Wales.

My role within the organisation involved the development, implementation and management of preventative Health & Wellbeing services across Queensland and New South Wales, continuously iterating, working closely with both partners and stakeholders across the establishment of a scalable tech-based solution. Highlights of this role, were the opportunities to incorporate my passion and research from areas of environmental psychology and holistic health, introducing services digitally and through large scale event / project management, such as communal gardens, farm to table, therapeutic horticulture, nutrition awareness, yoga and tech programs to enhance quality of life and overall wellbeing for Australia’s senior population.

Working within the Aged Care & Retirement Living sector, inspired me to create the genXchange initiative with a team across Queensland, New South Wales and Melbourne as a campaign to curb social isolation and enable dignified, intergenerational learning.

Global Business Development Manager 02 Years

VAS-X (Pty) Ltd.

2013 – Jan 2015


My role with VAS-X entailed establishing partnerships and building a presence for the highly dynamic software company across the Asia-Pacific market. With an extensive list of reputable clientele in the sub-Sahara region, the Australian office was subsequently established to support the global expansion.

This position involved frequent international meetings, conferences and presentations with the purpose of establishing strong connections within the Pacific islands to support the region through software design for the purpose of aided telecommunication. I was responsible for developing the Australian role out strategy, tender/proposal design, management of partnerships and the delivery of presentations at the Executive level.

I became heavily immersed in the cultures of the Pacific islands, developing a strong understanding of the social limitations and environmental challenges underpinning the region. This inspired me to further progress my career towards integrating technology into impactful enterprise.

Marketing Business Development Manager 01 Year & 01 Month

Ben & Jerry’s

Jan 2012 – Jan 2013

Queensland, Australia

My role within this socially-driven organisation involved rolling out Ben & Jerrys into Queensland! As the executive account manager, I lead the regional marketing, communications, ordering and growth for Ben & Jerry’s presence, experience and sales. Managed autonomously from Sydney, responsibilities included the acquisition of 300+ FMCG sites (working with national chains and boutique sites), the implementation and management of marketing, running of events, maximising product orders and the logistical coordination of assets.

The main motivation for my work with Ben & Jerrys was aligned with their founding values in Fair Trade, Marriage Equality, Climate Justice amongst other local initiatives. These included my involvement in Gold Coast and Sydney social programs working to alleviate homelessness in each region.

Due to Unilever’s ownership of Ben & Jerrys, interstate training opportunities and developmental programs were frequently available. 

Student Acquisition & Communication Strategies > 2 Years

Open Universities Australia

Jan 2010 – Mar 2012

Melbourne, Australia

I commenced working for OUA whilst studying on campus at the University of Melbourne. It provided me the opportunity to gain corporate experience after progressing rapidly from a role as a Student Advisor, to a Senior communications trainer based on efficient conversion and high customer retention and satisfaction. I was honored to receive awards as the most lucrative enrollment team member for three consecutive terms in my first year with the company before progressing to a more senior role.

Due to my studies in Psychology, I was eager to implement theoretical knowledge in the workplace. I was supported immensely by OUA to assist in the implementation of Student Enrollment scripts, run team meetings, interview and train new staff members, as well as developing work culture through staff satisfaction surveys, workshops and team building events.


Monash University

Advanced Graduate Diploma in Psychology, Environmental Neuroscience
Exploring the relationship between human neurology and wilderness.
2018 – 2019

Impact Academy

Impact Accelerator, Social Enterprise & Start Up
20 Week Intensive Accelerator Program.
2017 – 2017

The Entourage

Launch Program, Entrepreneurship & Start-up
2016 – 2016

UN-SCHOOL of Disruptive Design

Fellowship Program, Sustainability, Systems Thinking
An experimental knowledge lab for creative rebels and change agents.
2016 – 2016

Australian College of Applied Psychology

Bachelor of Psychological Science, Neurobiology and Neurosciences
2014 – 2016

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University of Melbourne

Bachelor of Science (BSc), Environmental Psychology
2009 – 2012


Happy Customers

Charlotte is a very innovative and dynamic entrepreneur and facilitator who is passionate about helping women reach their potential. Charlotte delivered two fantastic programs through the Global Sisters in partnership with Woodville Alliance. I found Charlotte’s approach engaging and inspiring and I look forward to continuing our work together.

Nada Nasser
Nada Nasser
State Director (NSW/ACT/Vic) at Mission Australia

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