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Build a brighter future for Australian Agriculture with the right team of experts at your side.
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Build a brighter future for Australian Agriculture with the right team of experts at your side.


Cara Stitzlene, PHD

Research Scientist

“Not only were we able to quickly negotiate a statement of work, but the outcomes were delivered very timely. We had specific requirements (Agritechnology), which were able to be met and did not block process. The quality of communication was outstanding and we were able to easily coordinate the updates so that my project deadlines were met. I would recommend their services to others.”

Building A
Brighter Future
For Australian Agriculture

We’re witnessing the rise of one of the most important industries of the future and Australia stands at the forefront.

Innovations in Agtech are paving the way in combating climate change, degradation of our ecosystem and new food security systems.

As a network of digital specialists, we partner with Agtech companies to grow your technical capabilities and deliver end-to-end digital solutions with real impact.

Why Digital Village?

Gain access to the team of specialists you need, when you need them.

300+ Digital Experts

Remove the time and effort of finding talent and resource your digital projects in just days not months.

Unmatched Team Flexibility

Scale your team up and down cost-effectively to meet the demands of your business and growth trajectory.

World-Class Approach

Leverage the Digital Village 20Day approach to gain clarity and certainty on your project outcomes.

A Team For All Projects

Digital Village aspires to what we term our Positive Impact programme with customers such as CSIRO where the Project benefits the ongoing wellbeing of our landscape and in turn its inhabitants both animal and human.
The concept of positive impact is gaining traction in the business world, and more and more companies are recognizing the importance of creating solutions that have a positive impact on society and the environment.
This type of approach not only addresses pressing global challenges, but it also provides opportunities for innovation and growth. Stakeholders, companies like Digital Village and CSIRO can create sustainable solutions that deliver lasting benefits.

Our designers, developers, product managers and data scientists are ready to team up on your projects in…














Water Telemetary




How It Works

Digital Village has positioned itself uniquely to be able to offer Agriculture with a fresh option for Digital  Product design and build.

As we know generally Agricultural products are designed, built & tested and taken to Market but we offer a bespoke design phase with an  adoption of  20 day building sprints

Our use of 20-day building sprints with regular testing helps to ensure that the product remains aligned with the original concept throughout the development process. 

This can help to prevent the product from straying from the original vision and ensures that the final product meets the expectations of the customer.

Power Up Your Team

Add extra skillsets or firepower when you need it most. Whether you are starting a new project or looking to get an existing one over the line, our experts seamlessly integrate into existing teams to power you towards your goals.

Build A Bespoke Team

Build a team of specialists with the exact capabilities your project requires. From defining the solution to building it, your handpicked team can deliver your vision leaving your core team to focus on business as usual.

Step 1: Let’s Have A Chat

Set up a free call with one of our business technology experts – a DV Curator – to discuss your point A and how we can help you reach point B. Tell us about what you are building, the skills required and desired timelines so we can assemble the perfect team for your project


Step 2: Build A Team

Your Curator will handpick a team of specialists from the Digital Village Network based on the requirements of your project. We’ll send you a team proposal and statement of work then revise it with you until you are 100% happy with your project team.

Step 3: Let’s Get To Work

Your specialists are ready to join your team or take full ownership of your product. A single point of contact ensure outcomes remained aligned throughout and teams can be scaled up or down with the demands of your project.


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How can Digital Village Help Me?


Maintain business as usual operations and still grow exponentially with experts that sit alongside your existing team.

Scale Ups

Onboard teams quickly and ramp up capability based on the speed of your growth.


React quickly to changing customer demands, learn from users and launch your product.

Purpose Driven

Work with digital experts that are aligned with your purpose and vision for a greater good.

Your team of digital experts is just one conversation away.