Strategy & Transformation:
Design Sprints From problem to tested prototype in
less than one week.

Is your business facing a challenge but unsure of the first steps towards a solution? Or perhaps you have an idea and want to create a tested prototype as soon as possible. Our MVP teams use Design Thinking methods to create tangible products for complex problems in a matter of days.

The Process

A design sprint is a 4-day creative journey that leads to a high-fidelity, interactive prototype.

Understanding The Challenge

First we unpack the problem space & potential users. What is the challenge? Who are your customers & why would they use your solution?

Sketch & Decide

This is where the fun begins! Your team will go through a process of ideating & sketching potential solutions. The ideas will be mapped out & the team decides which to develop.

Build A Prototype

The chosen solution is rapidly built into a tangible product that can be tested by real clients on the final day.

Test & Refine

Five or six of your target demographic are invited to test the prototype. Utilising the feedback, the prototype can be refined or the idea pivoted.

Why Digital Village?

Start-Up Mindset

Innovative, mission-driven solutions through the collaborative effort of our clients & teams.

Iteration Beats Perfection

Build products through iterations rather than perfecting one solution that could already be outdated.

Start-Up Mindset

The methodology & process can be applied to discover & develop new products for businesses of all sizes.

The Outcomes

A Validated Protype

Your prototype has been validated by potential end users & is ready for further refinement or the development stage

Workshop Summary

We’ll document the entire workshop from customer journey to prototype so you have the documents you need to take the next step.

Requirements & Quoting

Loved working with our MVP Team? We’ll take the requirement documents & put together a quote with one of our Growth or Development Teams.

Engagement Options

Other Strategy & transformation

Reinvent your organisation for the Digital Age

To remain competitive, businesses must constantly enhance value propositions, rapidly test ideas & develop multiple services to solve customer problems. Just selling a range of products or services is no longer enough. Our specialists help drive digital transformation through the very core of your business.

Achieve a clear and concise digital vision

A digital strategy provides a robust roadmap to aligning all digital departments of your business. We utilise a holistic approach to building strategies that encompass product, user/ customer experience, marketing data and development to ensure all digital components work towards your business goals.

Putting people first in an online world.

Digital is now an inherent part of customer's experiences with brands. Crafting a personal experience for customers is crucial when interactions are largely online & expectations are higher than ever. We help you create products, services & experiences that put customers at the centre of your business.

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