Strategy & Transformation: Digital Strategy Achieve a clear & concise digital vision.

A digital strategy provides a robust roadmap to aligning all digital departments of your business. We utilise a holistic approach to building strategies that encompass product, user/ customer experience, marketing data and development to ensure all digital components work towards your business goals.

Clarify Opportunities

Exploring your customers’ journey before and after interacting with your brand highlights your position in the competitive landscape and their current digital experience. We help identify key opportunities along the entire purchasing path across multiple touchpoints.

Segment The Market

Using insights gained, we fully map and profile your customer segments. Conducting quantitative market research increases understanding of the current market value of each segment and allows us to prioritise areas of opportunity.

Build Solutions

Segmentation reduces the complexity of your digital problem into smaller and easier to execute initiatives. They typically range from new lead mechanics, high performing single page conversion, new navigation interfaces for all devices, new product concepts, app concepts, social media campaign designs.


Whether you already have an idea or have identified a problem space, our team of entrepreneurs can help you explore the purpose, value proposition & expectations of a project.

Develop Hypotheses

If we provide our users with [ ], we can expect [ ]... Define the measurable outcomes expected when the potential solution is built.

Build A Prototype

Validating the biggest assumptions early with ‘fast and effective’ prototypes reduces risk. We want to build the quickest product to validate or disprove our hypotheses.

User-led Testing

Prototypes are put in the hands of real end-users. Our facilitators run the testing sessions to ensure meaningful observations & feedback is collected.

Learn & Progress

Were the assumptions correct? What did you learn? How do you know? What do you do now? A continuous improvement process follows to develop on the learnings.

Why Digital Village?

Start-Up Mindset

Innovative, mission-driven solutions through collaboration.

Adopt a methodical and evidence based approach that gets your products and services into the hands of your customer quicker. Our 20Day methodology reduces overheads and creates a superior customer experience following a itertional process of speaking with end users and getting feedback and testing in a systematic way.

Tailored Strategies

Because one size does not fit all

Every business is unique and requires a different digital strategy. We listen carefully to both your vision and goals and the needs of your customers before developing a comprehensive roadmap to digital success.

Start-Up & Enterprise

Discover & develop new products for businesses of all sizes.

All businesses, regardless of size, need to decide faster and react quicker in the current economy. Our methodologies give your business the flexibility to make changes on the go, test hypotheses and build market ready solutions.

Engagement Options

Other Strategy & Transformation

Reinvent your organisation for the Digital Age

To remain competitive, businesses must constantly enhance value propositions, rapidly test ideas & develop multiple services to solve customer problems. Just selling a range of products or services is no longer enough. Our specialists help drive digital transformation through the very core of your business.

From problem to tested prototype in less than one week.

Is your business facing a challenge but unsure of the first steps towards a solution? Or perhaps you have an idea and want to create a tested prototype as soon as possible. Our MVP teams use Design Thinking methods to create tangible products for complex problems in a matter of days.

Putting people first in an online world.

Digital is now an inherent part of customer's experiences with brands. Crafting a personal experience for customers is crucial when interactions are largely online & expectations are higher than ever. We help you create products, services & experiences that put customers at the centre of your business.

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