Curate a team of specialists to build your digital offering. HYBRID TEAM Hybrid Teams

The way we build digital products and create value for customers is changing. Reacting to evolving customer needs, technology and the economy is vital for thriving businesses. Our fully-managed hybrid teams provide organisations with much needed flexibility by taking ownership of products and redesigning systems with adaptive microservice architectures.

Highly Specialised Teams

Build a  team of specialists with the exact capabilities and experience your project requires. Our hybrid teams are handpicked from the Digital Village network and bring specialists from different tech spheres to collaborate on your product or service

Rapid Product Delivery

Cross-functional collaboration is key to innovating quickly. Our hybrid teams reduce product delivery from years to months, or months to weeks allowing you to react to rapid changing markets. Products and services are built without disrupting existing structures.

Constant Communication

All our hybrid teams come with a dedicated project manager to ensure requirements remain aligned. DV Producer’s bridge the gap between business, technology and people and are fully accountable for the successful delivery of your product or service.

How It Works

Get In Touch

Set up a call or meeting to discuss your goals and tech requirements. Where are you now, where do you want to be & how can we help you get there?

Meet Your Producer

A Digital Village Producer is assigned to your project based on tech expertise & industry experience. They act as a constant conduit between you & your assembled team.

Curate A Team

Our Producers have strong, proven relationships with our specialists & dev teams throughout the network. They will handpick the best team for your project.

Let’s Get To Work!

We build your product or service using our 20DAY methodology to ensure a product is built that helps you realise your business goals

Why a DV Hybrid Team?

Start-Up Mindset

Innovative, mission-driven solutions through collaboration.

Adopt a methodical approach that gets your products and services into the hands of your customer quicker. Our 20Day methodology reduces overheads, increases speed to market and creates a superior customer experience.

Iteration > Perfection

Build products through iterations rather than a single solution.

Perfecting a solution takes time and investment, but what if the product or service becomes outdated or is simply not what the customer wants? Our goal is to test your assumptions in the most affordable way to ensure the right product is built.

Start-Up Mindset

Discover & develop new products for businesses of all sizes.

All businesses, regardless of size, need to decide faster and react quicker in the current economy. Our methodologies give your business the flexibility to make changes on the go, test hypotheses and build market ready solutions.

Engagement Options

Other hybrid teams

MVP Team

Validate your products early in the development with user-led experiments.

You know your customer and think you have a solution that can provide real value. Diving into development before validating those assumptions can be risky. Are we sure the market exists and customers will be excited about your product or service? Our MVP Teams help you quickly discover and test your ideas to ensure the right product is built for your customers.

Growth Team

Rapidly test and build products to drive growth

Responding quickly to shifting customer needs, evolving technologies and changes in the economy is crucial to business growth. That means quickly testing and building multiple solutions simultaneously. Our fully-managed growth teams increase customer acquisition, retention and revenue by rapidly identifying and exploring opportunities across all areas of your organisation

Development Team

Effortlessly expand your dev capabilities.

Scaling your team’s dev capabilities in-house can be challenging. Our trusted development teams provide a flexible, cost-effective solution to building your digital products and services. Every on and off-shore team is managed by a dedicated DV Producer to ensure you reap all the benefits of outsourcing without any of the potential drawbacks.

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