I Googled ‘Agile’ — and wish I hadn’t.

I Googled ‘Agile’ and discovered my worst fears. Confusion and mis-information about Agile software development, how it works, and how to make it effective as a method of digital solution delivery.

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What Dev Teams Are Missing.

UX designers, check. QA designers, check. Developers, check. The list goes on… but most highly-trained dev teams are missing a vital piece of the puzzle.
What is missing are the arbiters of purpose solving a real human need.

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Time to pump up the tyres on Agile — without a budget blow-out

Projects have been backing up during the lockdown and now’s the time to begin clearing the backlog. It’s likely to lead to an uptick in demand for skilled resources, but will they be able to deliver fast enough and to quality?

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Turn Ideas Into Reality

I have come across several startup projects during this pandemic and thought it would be good to share some insights on how we can proceed with a big idea and not and avoid throwing investment down the drain?

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Finding Balance- a transformation of work life for people and digital businesses

Consider this,

You wake up in the morning, you turn off your alarm, and as you lie there in bed, you check you facebook, your Instagram, your WhatsApp, your Twitter, your texts, your emails and then the news. Then you go to the bathroom, you use the toilet, brush your teeth, take a shower, get dressed and then head for the kitchen. You drink some coffee and eat breakfast. Maybe you watch the news or check your emails again. It’s the same routine you follow everyday.

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User Story Mapping

You have an idea for an app. But how do you explain what you want to a development team?

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How to apply the Business Model Canvas

What is the Business Model Canvas for & how do I use it?

Who are your customers? How do you create value for them and how do you make money?

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Innovation Accounting

A way of evaluating progress when all the metrics typically used in an established company (revenue, customers, ROI, market share) are effectively zero

Eric Ries (author, The Lean Startup)




Measuring Success


  • Is there anything more important that User satisfaction?


  • Our hypothesis is that if everyone on all sides of the 3-sided marketplace are satisfied, then this will result in positive financial outputs.

Our metrics are advanced rating systems where we measure true satisfaction of all users.


How does satisfaction correlate to cash?

Digital Village runs project


We are developing a matrix that is again derived from Lean Startup (page number) that measures a users wants and needs is relation to the different experiences the business offers.


Client Producer Specialist
Personal Needs


90/100 50/100 20/100
Interactions with others


50/100 70/100 70/100
Interaction with DV (platform tech etc) 30/100 85/100 50/100