what is digital village



“…the focus is always to grow, as individuals, as a team, as a village, as a planet”

When I think of Digital Village (DV) I picture 2 scenarios, the first is a physical one, where I see how the village is for me, and then a symbolic one, where I imagine the values and philosophy that unite all the villagers.


I imagine an actual village, houses made of wood or bamboo, somewhere where there are mountains to climb and oceans to surf, I picture a calm environment, where people are happy and respect each other and the environment, where we fuel our bodies and souls in a healthy way, I see basic way of living but where technology helps us being sustainable.

The reason why I picture a physical space it´s because when I think of that space, I feel calm, relax, and somehow that I belong somewhere.

I also imagine a place where people share the values that allow us to work together for single main objective, which is leaving this planet in better condition that what we founded it, and enjoying the process to get there, otherwise we achieved nothing. But I also imagine people having different believes and culturtes, this creates conversation between the villagers, conversations that lead to new ideas, projects or simply emotions that make the village grow.

Teamwork, respect for everybody and everybody’s time it’s a basic for the villagers, I imagine a place where people feel part of, where love has a space in everyone’s heart, but at the same time have the decency and touch to say what we think without hurting people, the focus is always to grow, as individuals, as a team, as a village, as a planet.

But the most important thing I see when I think of DV if that has the potential to create a new way of living, where sustainability is written in everyone´s DNA, a way of living that allow you to melt work and leisure so all of us, eventually, have better life conditions.

I also hope that whatever you have created in your mind reading this words, whatever other village or values that you imagined is what will connect everyone in the village, regardless of the actual existence of a physical space for a village (which I really hope it exists one day)