The digital experience toolkit

A digital experience strategy

A customer experience design framework to provide tactical and strategic recommendations for digital investment

Clients who have experienced this work


Centralise and visualise every aspect of your customer experience to gain control and visibility


We map your customer journey and identify immediate design and performance opportunities


Clearly communicate your digital strategy to your stakeholders

Improve brand consistency

Consistency is key!  Lack of consistency creates customer confusion, and degrades product value.   We’ll identify where these inconsistencies lie and how to get them aligned.

Identify easy to fix usability issues

It’s often the smallest problems that that cause the biggest impacts.  Our process will identify these quickly and provide rapid solutions to resolve them – getting you back on track!

Discover new market opportunities

By placing the customer at the heart of the process, you’ll be able to identify where there are opportunities to build new products and services to start getting the cut-through you need to grow.

Improve customer satisifaction

Build processes to identify what your customers think of your brand and products, and identify areas you need to build stronger capability to keep your customers coming back.

Clear and easy to undestand

The end result is a clear map of each customer segment, their touch-points with the organisation, and a plan for giving them what they care about

Increase sales performance

Identify the biggest growth opportunities within your customer base to increase sales performance across your organisation.  


Unpacking the business value


Understand customer segmentation


Exploring customer profiles


Customer journey mapping


Your customer experience opportunities

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