Welcome to the Digital Specialist Program

Welcome to the Digital Specialist Program

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What is the Digital Specialist Program?

Want to learn new technologies, develop your professional skills and make a positive impact? You’ve come to the right place.

Professional Experience
An incredible opportunity for students to develop essential professional skills.
Students learn what they need to complete projects using self-guided materials and the guidance of the Digital Village Producers using the 20 Day method.

This assumes that DSP students have a base knowledge they can extend with self-learning. If not, they can use learning resources provided by Digital Village’s educational partners to get ready for full participation in the Digital Specialist Program.
Projects With Purpose
Students work on projects with powerful social or environmental impacts.
Projects used for the DSP have profound social and environmental impacts, and are conducted on a not-for-profit basis.

Projects are carefully evaluated before being entered into the DSP.

If a project isn’t found to have the social or environmental impact required for the DSP, it’s routed into the commercial side of Digital Village’s platform.
Earning Opportunities
Graduates can start work on commercial projects with Digital Village.
Once students have completed the Digital Specialist Program, they’re ready to work on commercial projects at the Digital Village.

The Digital Village provides teams of highly skilled specialists to complete client projects; once you’ve completed the DSP, we’ll be proud to offer you the opportunity to work on commercial projects as well.

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