Ep11 – Rob Allen

Rob has often been drawn back to Hedera Hashgraph throughout his career due to its ability to solve technology problems that other blockchains or distributed ledgers could not.

Now in his role as the HBAR Foundation (Hedera’s native cryptocurrency) SVP of Ecosystem Acceleration, he is armed with a $5billion war chest to empower entrepreneurs to build economies on the Hedera network.

During the fascinating hour-long chat, Rob discusses how the hashgraph consensus powered ‘3rd generation public ledger’ is not constrained by the Blockchain Trilemma, achieves the highest-grade of security possible, offers trail-blazing speeds and is truly decentralising the future.

Rob is a value-driven entrepreneur, engineer, technologist, startup founder, conservationist and author.

After 30 years in enterprise technology and consultancy in the banking, technology and military sectors he is now HBAR Foundation’s SVP of Ecosystem Acceleration.

He also leads nodl.io – an impact-focused technology consultancy specialising in innovation and the application of decentralised technology to address financial democratisation, sustainable development and environmental issues.