The Digital Village Show

Ep1 – The Digital Village Show

The Digital Village show returns for 2021. In Ep1, Jason, Luke and Paul muse over the latest headlines to hit the world of technology.

Ep1 – The Digital Village Show

The year is 2021 and our live stream is back with a new format, new set & new guests. Welcome to The Digital Show!

Totally unscripted, potentially provocative and *hopefully* hilarious, we’ll be keeping our finger on the pulse of all things tech with our revolving door of guests.

In our first show, we dive into the latest news to shake Big Tech: What are the implications of Bezos stepping down as CEO of Amazon and who will win between a defiant Google & opportunistic Microsoft for search supremacy.

The government has become very vocal about becoming carbon neutral by 2050. How can carbon trading technology help farmers meet the country’s needs?

So, COVID is still here. What went wrong with America’s $44 million vaccine data system and have we learned any lessons? Thankfully, Australia’s response has been more triumphant but there are still implications.

More Sydney-siders are headed for the bush, beach & suburbs due to the success of remote working. Is this just a blip or will tech and remote working become the new norm for collaboration?

Finally: Management Consultants are a waste of time and money… discuss

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