Ep-15 Fred Schebesta

It may be cliché to say “it’s ok to make mistakes”, but for those willing to understand the logic behind them and not immediately dismiss them as irrelevant, clichés can hold valuable lessons.

Fred Schebesta has faced his fair share of failure but as one of Australia’s most recognisable entrepreneurs can assert that it is in fact ok to make mistakes…

As a co-founder of a half-billion dollar organisation, Finder, and a multitude of other ventures, Fred is a self-proclaimed lover of growing businesses from nothing to make them ‘Go Live’ – the title of his latest book.

In Ep15 of The Digital Village Show, we sat down with Fred to discuss dealing with failure, building a sustainable business in increments, using the idea of narratives to innovate and whatever else popped into his brilliant mind.

‘Go Live! 10 Principles To Launch A Global Empire’ Out Now.

“Go Live! does exactly what it promises on the cover – it really does deliver 10 principles to launch a global empire! They’re relatable, actionable principles that will make a difference to any entrepreneur.

That however kind of undersells the book – bound up in the 10 principles are the highest highs to the lowest lows of Fred’s journey and they’re told with unflinching honesty.

I found this incredibly valuable and, whenever the chips are down, I know I’ll be able to think of his journey and persevere.”

– Luke Fabish, Digital Village Co-Founder.

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