The Digital Village Show

Ep3 – Circulist Founder Nick Gonios & UoS CIO Trevor Woods

Both education and industry are facing the need to change. Our guests today share their visions for the future.

Ep3 – Trevor Woods & Nick Gonios

Over the last 12 months, the tertiary education sector has taken a pummelling with students not being able to attend class. 

We’re joined by University of Sydney’s CIO Trevor Woods who was tasked with taking everything online at unimaginable speed.

Joining him is the founder of Circulist, Nick Gonios, who walks us through the impact of traditional manufacturing on the environment. 

He shares with how the 12 pillars of circularity will see us wave farewell to industrialism and switch from customers ‘consuming’ to ‘using’ products, eliminating waste & maximising sustainability.

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