Creating a Story Map for my Start-up Business

4th July 2019
The Digital Village Meetup (Sydney)


Creating a Story Map for my Start-up Business

Learn how user story mapping can help quickly identify and prioritise the right technology solution for your business

As a business owner or start-up founder, do you get overwhelmed by what requirements and technology features you need to implement first in order to help your business or put your idea into reality? Where do you even start given the number of possibilities?

This interactive hands-on session will show you how you can use story mapping to identify and prioritise what needs to be done first in order to reap the maximum benefit for your business. Once this is clear, it is easy to work with technology partners to make sense of how everything fits together to form the big picture as your story maps will let you see everything within the context of your overall business goals.

This session is also useful for I.T. specialists to learn how they can guide business owners on the process of user story mapping, from how to write good user stories, to how to set up and run a user story mapping session, to turning it into a development framework.

Presenting this month:

Dondon Bales
Dondon Bales Founding Partner & COO

Over the course of a 20+ years career in Accenture, Dondon was involved in a number of technology solution delivery roles and projects across a wide range of industries driving innovation to improve the way the world works and lives.



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1st Aug 2019


6.00pm – 8.30pm


Work Club, 201 Kent St, Sydney