Guiding Fitii’s tech choices to get the health and fitness platform back online and back on track.

The Challenge

Fitii envisaged a comprehensive mobile-based business management platform for personal trainers, gyms and studios.

The three-way market place would allow clients to find personal trainers near them, explore trainers’ profiles and  book/ pay for training sessions.

A previous version of the app was unusable due to bugs and no support or documentation was available from the original development team.

The Solution

Phase 1

Fitii’s initial intention was to quickly fix the known defects with the existing platform and get the product to market.

After a round of testing, it was revealed that the previous code had not undergone any code reviews or previous testing. Many of the features were not built to spec and didn’t meet requirements. The payment platform had also not been updated for two years and was obsolete.

In order to get the product to market, new API’s were implemented for payment collections, transfers and split payments and the team went through a process of functional testing, code walkthroughs and debugging.

Phase 2

With trainers and their clients now able to use the app, there was an opportunity to gather feedback and add additional functionality.

A gap analysis was presented showing the gulf between existing features and the new requirements due to the first build. We discussed with the client the need for a restructure of the current design and implementation for future scalability and they agreed.

A more detailed requirements document was created and we embarked on an iterative process for improvement. 

Designs were provided for each module with clear outcomes/ functionality to ensure everybody remained on the same page and there were no surprises for the client.

An admin portal also needed to be developed for managing users and generating key metrics.

The Team

The Tech

The End Result

The client has been building their business for the last four years using the web portal and mobile applications for gyms, trainers and training clients. 

Digital Village has become a valued technical partner to the client over the years, helping steer technical decisions to help keep their business growing.