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We’re offering a free one hour workshop to help health and wellness businesses build a product customers will love.

We’ve brought health tech ideas to life for

1️⃣ Business model canvas map to validate your approach

2️⃣ Simple wireframes to start your product journey

3️⃣ Mapped requirements to help start your development journey

Kick start your development journey.

Is your health & wellness business at a stage
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✅ Have an idea for an app or new digital product.

✅ Are ready as a business to grow.

✅ Have a budget to explore the opportunity.

…then you qualify for a free workshop to help get you started on the path to development.

By the end of the workshop, you’ll have your requirements mapped out and an understanding of how you can get to market as quickly as possible.

Jane H


I highly recommend Digital Village as a brilliant company to work with. Digital Village are an amazing and awesome group of people! Visionary and innovative in their approach, Digital Village went out of their way to ensure the perfect solution for our IT needs – developing the iVALUE App. The App has received outstanding reviews from leading psychologists as a valuable tool for students, families and educators to deepen and enhance relationships.

Emma DiGiacomo


I had the pleasure of working with the team at Digital Village as part of our business transformation project. We engaged them to provide project management and technical expertise as part of the overall platform changeover. It was a massive task and they became an instrumental part of the roll out, which they handled with total ease. Michael in particular, was a god send. He was methodical, diligent and logical in his approach which resulted in the smooth delivery of all implementation outputs. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with them again.

Ronan Mac Domhnaill


Partnering with Digital Village has literally helped me sleep better at night. As a founder, I need to divide my focus between strategy, sales, delivery, product development and keeping the lights on in the business. Digital Village understand our business purpose and provides the appropriate technology solutions to meet our needs. This allows me to focus on where I can add most value.

Ben Alexander


DV built us a platform that has allowed us to achieve over $1M in revenue within our first 6 months of trading and our success here is a huge testament to everyone within the Digital Village.

Chris Rowe

Project Director

It has been a pleasure to work with the team at Digital Village. They have been extremely responsive to any request or query, no matter how trivial, and consistently exceeded expectations. The team took the time to make sure that we understood everything that they were doing and why, a very important factor when dealing with non-IT experts such as ourselves.

Emily McLachlan


I would recommend Digital Village to anyone as they want to work with you rather than for you. That’s where I have found the biggest difference, it’s very collaborative and very cordial

We'll talk you through the key steps to success in...

Diving straight into development before fully validating an idea is risky. Together, we’ll look at the best processes for gaining insights and setting you on the path to developing a product that solves real customer needs.

Connected App Experience
Prototyping and designing applications

Translating what you want and what a dev team needs to build you product can be tough. We speak your language, not just tech jargon, and will help turn your idea into technical requirements that can be taken into development.

Build an app or website that delivers an intuitive, seamless, and visually stunning experience. We’ll discuss how to create a design that not only meets your requirements but also resonates with your target audience.

Mobile application - health and wellness
Mobile Application build - MVP

By the end of our chat with you, we’ll have put together a business model canvas that shows the building blocks of your business, top line requirements that communicate your tech needs and simple wireframes to show what your product could look like.

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Digital Village is a network of over 300 highly experienced founders, entrepreneurs, designers, developers and marketers that form teams tailored to the needs of your project. As a community, we’re committed to helping missions in health and wellbeing.

Just some of the projects we’re proud of

Taking Race Around Australia from a manual process to an immersive web application that has encouraged tens of thousands of NSW school kids to become more active.

Race around australia
U-Are 1

Developing a scalable back-end for UAre’s health app that uses smart watch data to help people live a healthier, happier and longer lives.

Guiding Mundae from ideation to MVP to market with an app that allows exercise physiologists and physiotherapists to provide better care to patients.


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