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Canceling “Work-Life Balance”.

Millennials flooding the workforce has forced the redefinition of the much-loved buzzwords “work/life balance”. Instead, how about we cut the cr*p and do away with it altogether?

I Googled ‘Agile’ — and wish I hadn’t.

I Googled ‘Agile’ and discovered my worst fears. Confusion and mis-information about Agile software development, how it works, and how to make it effective as a method of digital solution delivery.

10 Tips To Workshoppin’ Like A Pro.

Don’t underestimate the power of a workshop! In fact, I’m such an advocate for doing away with meetings and focussing more on running great workshops.

Here are ten tips to think about when preparing for your next workshops.

Excel: So useful it’s dangerous? Here’s the solution…

Excel is probably the closest thing we have to the perfect tool for analysing & reporting on data. It’s greatest downfall, however, is that it doesn’t really scale beyond a single user, and the result is organisations find their data and IP locked up in un-verifiable (but easily shareable) files.

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