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10 Tips To Workshoppin’ Like A Pro.

Don’t underestimate the power of a workshop! In fact, I’m such an advocate for doing away with meetings and focussing more on running great workshops.

Here are ten tips to think about when preparing for your next workshops.

Excel: So useful it’s dangerous? Here’s the solution…

Excel is probably the closest thing we have to the perfect tool for analysing & reporting on data. It’s greatest downfall, however, is that it doesn’t really scale beyond a single user, and the result is organisations find their data and IP locked up in un-verifiable (but easily shareable) files.

How to Measure Customer Lifetime ROI

The busiest time of year is approaching and you’re running ads to increase acquisitions and revenue. But have you thought about how to best measure the outcomes driven by this campaign? And how does this translate into long term sales for your business? Read on to find out.

Are Payment Platforms in Australia on the Right Track?

Technology can be tricky bedfellow. Take payment platforms for example. Even before ‘digital’, banks were using multiple payment reconciliation methods — all paper-based of course. With digital transformation, we have an abundance of digital payment platforms in Australia. Yet the industry giants need to recognise the extraordinary opportunity they have to leap forward with a new technology solution to payments people want and need.

What Dev Teams Are Missing.

UX designers, check. QA designers, check. Developers, check. The list goes on… but most highly-trained dev teams are missing a vital piece of the puzzle.
What is missing are the arbiters of purpose solving a real human need.

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