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How to go from problem to solution faster than ever before!

Whether you’re a start-up, small business or established enterprise, the need to move fast, fail faster and adapt in today’s market is crucial. Design Sprints allow you to solve complex problems in just five (or even four) days and unlock the benefits of Agile.

Creating Cult Status

I’ve just read Tim Duggan’s remarkable book Cult Status. It’s a fascinating insight into the way millennial-run businesses are changing the landscape of commerce, work-life balance and the way we perceive brands.

Dawn of a new age of opportunity in IT services

COVID has created a realisation that the way organisations adopt and operationalise technology needs to change, with many organisations paying too much for resources they don’t need – at least not full time – and when they do need them, they can’t manage them effectively to deliver business outcomes. Why is this so?

Turn Ideas Into Reality

I have come across several startup projects during this pandemic and thought it would be good to share some insights on how we can proceed with a big idea and not and avoid throwing investment down the drain?

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