The aged care and disability sector is a $24bn industry in Australia and continues to grow at 5% per annum. 

Mable has achieved national success through its platform that matches individuals in need of care with carers on their mission to improve access to affordable, flexible, quality support care for Australians everywhere.

In order to meet rising demand, Mable had identified a further gap in the market for care-providing businesses to access similar matching services. 

The in-house support team was expanding in order to make necessary improvements to the current platform but wanted to ensure that any potential solutions would help achieve business outcomes.

Digital Village was engaged to assist in running an innovation process to rapidly test and validate new ideas and take them to market faster. A solution needed to be developed that allowed…

  • Businesses to onboard to the Mable platform as a service provider.

  • Service providers an admin view of employee profiles.

  • A client to engage a business through the platform.

  • A business to be able to receive payment for services through the platform

Sprinting to a Solution 20Days.

After understanding the scope of the project and desired business outcomes, DV Curator Paul assembled a team of specialists from the Digital Village that work alongside the Mable team to spearhead their success. 

In close collaboration with the Mable team and its customers, we ran a CX Sprint with the aim of creating a fully developed and validated solution to their challenge. The sprint structure allowed us to bring key stakeholders into the process and ensure that the solution being proposed was a solution that pushed Mable closer to their business goals.

Week 1: Research and exploration of the problem space

Week 2: Design and validation spring

Week 3: Synthesise output, optimise and further validate

Week 4: Solution design

During the four-week sprint we were able to quickly yet methodically…

  • Define customers and target for the MVP
  • Map the customer journey from end-to-end.
    examine internal and external resources to develop the solution
  • Design and validated UI ready for implementation
  • Outline complete technical architecture including full agile stories and epics

Building Foundations For The Future

The CX Sprint with our dedicated consultants allowed Mable to dramatically reduce time and increase confidence in deciding on the right technology solution to their challenge. Alongside developing an MVP, we also provided a 12 month roadmap to deliver new features and functionality beyond the initial launch.