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Small to Medium Enterprise

Transforming business for the new world of people and technology.

Transforming business for the new world of people and technology.

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Digital Transformations

A fundamental challenge established organisations now face is the dual necessity of being dependant on IT solutions to remain competitive in a changing marketplace place and environment, and at the same time lacking the knowledge or the in-house expertise to be able to influence its outcomes.

Value Propositions

Digital Village offers a unique combination of value propositions that we are dedicated to delivering. The success of our business is measured by these.

Cost to Value Ratio

  • Technology is a critical investment. Customers are wary of minimal returns and project scope creep.
  • Our flexible methodology, project management and on-demand network of specialists deliver effective solutions and high quality ROI.

  • On demand and up to date Resources

  • In house resources are often not up to date with Market progress.
  • Customers fear obsolete skill-sets being an inefficient investment.
  • Our Specialist Network are an on demand resource, which minimise in-house costs and optimise technical expertise that is up-to date with industry best practice.

  • Personalised Support and Management

  • Design and execution are critical to effective solutions.
  • Customers fear a lack of accountability and understanding when delegating results
  • Our Producers provide personalised support and ensure a effective relationship between in-house Teams and our Network.

  • Empowering Methodology and Relationship

  • Technology is currently an insular and jargon based necessity.
  • Customers fear inability to control what they don’t understand.
  • We provide transparency, effective decision making and control through our Modular Methodology and Platform.

  • Forward Thinking Market Data and Insight

  • Technology evolves rapidly, up to date insights are required to stay competitive.
  • Customers fear becoming irrelevant.
  • We provide up to date insights and data for Clients to anticipate Market changes and staying competitive.

  • Digital Solutions for Organisational Transformation

  • Technology is critical to the future of business.
  • Customers fear isolated disruptive changes
  • We focus on long-term relationship and solutions that evolve with the growth of the Business.

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