Medium Enterprise Business Technology Solutions

Medium Enterprise Business Technology Solutions

Transforming business for the new world of people, business and technology.

Transforming business for the new world of people, business and technology.

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Technology is evolving… and flexibility is key

A fundamental challenge established organisations now face is the dual necessity of being dependant on IT solutions to remain competitive in a changing marketplace and environment, and at the same time lacking the knowledge or the in-house expertise to be able to influence its outcomes.

The challenge with technology is that we as business owners are becoming more reliant on it, and it is expanding and evolving so fast that it is a constant battle to have a good understanding of what choices we have and what the best solution for our businesses is.

As a business owner/manager, how can I be sure that a 3rd party service provider has my best business interests in mind?

When a service provider suggests a solution, it can be difficult to determine if the solution is necessary or there could be a faster, more simple approach. It’s hard to know when I may being oversold on a technical solution. And how do I know if that price tag is justified?

It’s difficult to assess the capabilities of a technical service provider if you are unfamiliar with the technology. This is why Digital Village matches business owners with their own business technology Advisor to help them design technology solutions to their business problems and provide unbiased advice on options. 


You're in good company

We partner with our startups for the long-term. These are some of our startup clients.


Modern Business Solutions

We help small-medium-large businesses manage their human resources, build tech, and advise on latest technology options.

<a href="">Business Technology Advisors</a>

Business Technology Advisors

Engage experienced Technology Advisors as you need them and when you need them. Flexible pricing solution.

<a href="">Hire a Digital Specialist</a>

Hire a Digital Specialist

We are a professional network of UXers, Designers, Digital Marketers, Data scientists, Developers and Product Managers.

<a href="">Development Team Hire</a>

Development Team Hire

Offshore your development to one of our screened and tested implementation teams, specialising in a range of technologies.

<a href="">Digital Project Delivery</a>

Digital Project Delivery

Fixed price projects, following LEAN development cycles. Objectives & Outcomes delivered every 20days.

<a href="">Production Support</a>

Production Support

Ongoing support and maintenance of your technology to make sure everything is looked after and up to date.

Some kind words

Working with Jason and the Digital Village team was a breeze. Web development and the digital world in general can be very overwhelming and confusing for someone who doesn’t work in the industry, but Jason managed to make it feel easy. Nothing was a problem and his easy-going attitude and calm persona helped keep the stress levels down! His responsiveness and reassurance during the entire project was a client’s dream.
Zone RV
Marketing Manager
The Digital Village model has proven an ideal solution for our organisations technology needs. Our on-demand technical director manages the technology for each of our brands. Having one point of contact has saved us time and money
Imagine Corp
It has been a pleasure to work with the team at Digital Village. They have been extremely responsive to any request or query, no matter how trivial, and consistently exceeded expectations. The team took the time to make sure that we understood everything that they were doing and why, a very important factor when dealing with non-IT experts such as ourselves.
Meditech Media
Project Director

What can Digital Village brings to the table?

Digital Village offers a unique combination of cutlery, methods and industry expertise that results in measurable business outcomes.

Cost to Value Ratio

  • Technology is a critical investment. Customers are wary of minimal returns and project scope creep.
  • Our flexible methodology, project management and on-demand network of specialists deliver effective solutions and high quality ROI.

  • On demand and up to date Resources

  • In house resources are often not up to date with Market progress.
  • Customers fear obsolete skill-sets being an inefficient investment.
  • Our Specialist Network are an on demand resource, which minimise in-house costs and optimise technical expertise that is up-to date with industry best practice.

  • Personalised Support and Management

  • Design and execution are critical to effective solutions.
  • Customers fear a lack of accountability and understanding when delegating results
  • Our Producers provide personalised support and ensure a effective relationship between in-house Teams and our Network.

  • Empowering Methodology and Relationship

  • Technology is currently an insular and jargon based necessity.
  • Customers fear inability to control what they don’t understand.
  • We provide transparency, effective decision making and control through our Modular Methodology and Platform.

  • Forward Thinking Market Data and Insight

  • Technology evolves rapidly, up to date insights are required to stay competitive.
  • Customers fear becoming irrelevant.
  • We provide up to date insights and data for Clients to anticipate Market changes and staying competitive.

  • Digital Solutions for Organisational Transformation

  • Technology is critical to the future of business.
  • Customers fear isolated disruptive changes
  • We focus on long-term relationship and solutions that evolve with the growth of the Business.


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    We hold monthly meetups in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Where digital specialists and business owners come together to connect, share and learn from each other.

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    Get matched with your own Business Technology Advisor

    Get matched with your own Business Technology Advisor

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