Online Event:

What is it like working from home?


What is working from home like, for everyone else? …and is this the start WFH forever?

Join us at 6.30pm EAST 

Event Structure:

  • A panel of 5 people
  • talking about working from home and the impact now on people and business. And what might the future hold?

What to expect 

It will be a casual conversation unpacking ‘Working from home’ (WFH). 

This conversation is about Working from home and the effects on people and business. It is not about COVID-19.

depending on the flow of the conversation we might talk about:

  • From a business/organisational perspective, what impact has WFH had on how the business operates, and what are some examples of overcoming some of the challenges?
  • Other impacts- psychological, economical, physiological, etc.
  • What might the future hold?! How might this change the way we work, the way organisations employ people, the way we we live our lives and our relationships with work?
  • What might a possible work:life balance look like when they are so close to each other?



Guest Panel

NIkki Thompson
NIkki Thompson Coach & consultant – Inner Circle Work

Nikki has a long history working in the health industry as a clinician and manager. She also brings business and life skills gained from raising a family and assisting her husband on their grain and grazing property. Nikki provides coaching and consulting to empower individuals and organisations to live and work more mindfully. This promotes health, wellbeing ,collaboration and creativity.

And her choice of drink this evening is:

Josephine Parker
Josephine Parker Leadership, Strategy Implementation, Transformation & Change | Yoga Teacher & Yoga Therapist

Currently working with Allianz Insurance with their organisational transformation. Jo is a creative, driven Executive Coach, Facilitator and Organisational Development specialist, helping leaders and organisations transform and achieve more through their people.

And her choice of drink this evening is:

Dave Massage
Dave Massage KPMG Australia

With over 15 years in the ICT, Banking & Finance and Professional Services industries, Dave specialises in data analytics and strategy development and is passionate about growing and developing dynamic, high performing teams, delivering large scale strategic and transformational programs. Dave is currently the Director of data and analytics at KPMG.

And his choice of drink this evening is:

Justin Rees
Justin Rees Eighty20 Solutions

Justin is the co-founder of ‘Eighty20 Solutions’ a modern workplace transformation company specialising in Microsoft systems integration. Justin has a background in running large scale transformation programs for enterprise organizations.

And his choice of drink this evening is:

Rachel Atkins
Rachel Atkins This Thing of Ours

Rachel, a people geek with an entrepreneurial flair who is passionate about developing the current workforce to manage and lead successful organisations in the digital economy. She is also the co-founder of This Thing of Ours. An organisational design outfit specialising in innovation, design and customer experience.

And her choice of drink this evening is:

The conversation will be streamed live via Youtube (above) and here: 

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