The Digital Village Meetup

At the Village we’re a social bunch. We get together every month and sit around playing cards. 

The Digital Village Meetup

Come Play Cards!


We talk about work, technology, business, impact and life. We don’t take things too seriously and it’s all a bit of fun. 

The Game

We have developed a handful of different games to initiate a discussion for everyone to share their knowledge and experience and to learn from others.  

We discuss all things: digital business, project mgmt, web development, freelancing, entrepreneurship, work:life balance and more.


Who will be there?

We are a community of Freelance Developers & Designers, Digital Project Managers, business owners and Tech Specialists who come together each month to share and learn about the complexities between people, business and technology.



6th Dec


6.30pm – 9pm


201 Kent St, Sydney

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