The Digital Village Positive Impact Program

<h1>The Digital Village Positive Impact Program</h1>

The world is at a point now where we have the technology, the skills, the capability and the capacity to solve all the problems of the world. 


The future of business and work can be designed to solve these problems. Creativity in combination with technology creates innovation. Impactful innovation can drive progress for the better. As a result, we as workers for the future can find purpose and meaning in our day to day work and empowerment that we take into our personal lives.

A promise to make positive change

Changing the way we work and what we work for

The Movement

Digital Village, although a tech company, is fundamentally about people. Their happiness, their well-being, their fulfilment, their environment, their life. This is what we care about, because this is what matters. Jason Hardie – Founder

The Mission

I believe business and work should be an enjoyable and fulfilling responsibility that is inline with ones personal goals, beliefs and aspirations. Our mission is to blend life and work so they compliment each other. Jason Hardie – Founder

The Purpose

The purpose of Digital Village as a company and as a community is to collectively aim to have the biggest positive impact on the world as we can.

Positive Impact Program

Learn how we are creating positive change in this world through the use of technology, business and people.

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