Write your own story.

Write your own story.

The world is at a point now where we have the technology, the skills, the capability and the capacity to solve all the problems of the world. 


The future of business and work can be designed to solve these problems. Creativity in combination with technology creates innovation. Impactful innovation can drive progress for the better. As a result, we as workers for the future can find purpose and meaning in our day to day work and empowerment that we take into our personal lives.


A promise to make positive change

We at Digital Village are promising to make a positive change in the world by doing two things:

We believe so strongly that the world can be improved and our lives empowered by sharing and connecting in the following ways:

Write Your Own Story School Program

Find your purpose, choose your adventure, write your own story.

The Professionals Movement

Life is too short to not enjoy your work. Scrap the 9-5, define your own destiny, write your own story.