Digital Village Mission:

To actualise the potential of people, technology and business.


The following values are established to be a guide for people in the community. They are used to attract other people with similar values so that we when we work together, our direction is one and harmonious.


Liberation, Courage, Self Expression

We believe in being liberated of fear and judgment of others. Freedom by choosing. Choosing to take control of your own destiny. Being yourself, be whoever you want to be. Write your own story, be the author of your own book.


Risk, Adventure, Challenge

We believe it’s OK to be scared, that it is natural to fear the unknown. Recognising this and taking action regardless, is what allows a person to realise their potential and experience freedom. Staring Fear in the face and telling it to get fucked. The exhilaration of feeling alive is our natural state. Challenge yourself, take risks and let life be the adventure it naturally is.


Respect, Compassion, Understanding

We believe Love is central to human connection. It is energy… To love is to listen, to accept and share. Understanding people is central to human existence. Whether it be team members or clients, understanding people’s needs, and

Self Realisation

Achieving Potential, Learning, Intuition and Instinct

We believe that understanding and accepting yourself as you are is the first step to realising what one is capable of. Respecting your own values and standing for yourself is more challenging than adhering to one’s environment but is also much more rewarding.


Decision, Self-Belief, Ownership

We believe taking responsibility of our actions and for one’s own life empowers a person to assess and initiate things independently and proactively. We support people to make mistakes, own them and learn from them as a means to progression.


Contribution, Impact, Value

We believe that the purpose of a company is most important and as a community we collectively aim to have the biggest positive impact on the world as we can.  Contributing what we can, by giving back to the world more than we take is the best direction we believe we can take to leave this world a better place than when we came.

This company is made up of people. People working together. People helping other people. For this company to be successful, we need to focus on people. We may develop business technology solutions, but these solutions are fundamentally for the people of those businesses.