The Producer

The Producer

That unique soul that sits on both sides of the fence to bring technology and people together through communication and leadership.

That unique soul that sits on both sides of the fence to bring technology and people together through communication and leadership.

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What is a Producer?

A producer sits between the client and the specialists to act on behalf of both of them in terms of communication and management to assure that the client gets what they need and the service providers are fairly remunerated for their work.

Who is a Producer?

A Producer is a leader and effective manager with entrepreneurial traits who enjoys technology, problems solving and people. They enjoy being responsible for their own projects and clientele but don’t want the hassle of the admin behind the scenes.

A Solution Architect

The role of a Producer is to develop the best solution for the client, by listening to their requirements.

A Leader

A natural tendency to take ownership of direction and responsibility for problems.

A Relationship Manager

The mission of the producer is for both client and supplier to be 100% satisfied with the work and the transaction.

A People Person

Naturally connects with people and is a strong communicator.

A Decision Maker

Works with the client to help make decisions based on accumulated data.

A Technologist

Passionate about designing the future of technology.

What does a Producer Do?

The producer plays a crucial role in the overall success of projects and the business as a whole. Each Producer will bring their own specialties and individualism to the table. Generally the producer will carry out the following tasks:

Relationship MGMT

Developing a strong and long lasting relationship with your clients and teams and specialists you engage is crucial to being a successful Producer.

Problem Recognition

Understanding your clients needs from a high level within their organisation is key to providing the best long term and holistic solution for their business.

Solution Architecture

Providing the best solution and implementation strategy is the value you are providing to your client.

Team Assembly

Assembling the right team for the job is made easy via the platform because we understand that this is a great barrier to delivering great work.


As a Producer it is your responsibility to work with your selected team to develop quote for your customer.

Project Delivery

Some Producers may want to project manage at a micro-level however it is not a requirement. The producer is held accountable for delivering the outcomes outlined on the quotation, on time and on budget.

Product Direction & Strategy

Following the 20day methodology, the Producer must manage the learnings from each iteration and determine the next best steps for their client.

Community Leader

The Producer shares the same values of Digital Village and supports the cause of changing the way we work and live to have a positive impact in the world.

Love Their Work

The driver behind choosing to be a Producer is because we love people, technology, innovation and making life better.

Opportunities & Benefits

As a Producer, you are a leader within a global movement in how people work using improved technology solutions.

Ongoing Education that suits your desired future.

Opportunity to lead clients and specialists to fulfill their potential.

A flexible relationship where you manage your own time, teams and projects.

Your own business without the hassles or costs of HR, offices and tools.

It enables you to take on projects that are outside your normal area of expertise

Be a leader of a global cummunity


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How many Producers are there?

It is important that the producers that join us are of the highest standard. We will be looking to bring on no more than 10 producers in 2018.

What is the difference between a Producer and other Specialists on the DV Platform?

The Producer sits in-between the specialists and the client to manage the solution, direction and relationships, making sure that both sides of the market are satisfied and that expectations are being met.

How many Projects can I run?

As many as you can handle successfully. As a Producer, you are responsible for the delivery of the project.

Who do I Invoice?

Specialists and Producers are paid directly from Digital Village.  Invoices need to be made out to Digital Village.

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