Manufacturing and distribution business solutions

Business technology solutions for the Manufacturing and distribution Industry

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Common Solutions

  •       Inventory App
  •       Purchasing App
  •       Timesheet App
  •       Project Management App
  •       Manufacturing App
  •       Human Resource & Payroll solutions
  •       Marketing Automation
  •       Communication Tools
  •       Invoicing Solutions
  •       Business Technology Consulting
  •       Integration/Interfacing of existing business apps
  •       Custom Mobile Applications
  •       Website Development and integration with CRM
  •       E-Commerce Solution
  •       CRM
  •       POS Software
  •       Payment solutions
  •       Accounting Software

Value for Business

Business Technology Advisory

A Business Technology Advisor helps to align business and technology strategies. An on-demand consultant is always at your disposal for helping you to solve any technology problems you face without employing full-time.

Improved efficiency through System Integration

Connecting all the existing applications to properly integrate is the first step to making the business run more efficiently and accurately

Effective operations management

Accounting, Invoicing, Inventory and Purchasing apps helps to optimise the operation for better efficiency

Manufacturing technology solutions

Manufacturing solutions enable business to accelerate the production process.

Task and Project management

Task management tools enable to track every task and to make sure the deadlines are met.

workflow and systems design and automtion

Email management processes allow you to stay on top of your inbox and ensures you are answering every message

Staff Communications & people MGMT

Communication solutions help workers to communicate and collaborate when they’re in the field, working remotely or stationed in different offices.

Human Resource Management

HR/Payroll and Timesheet apps help effective employee management and productivity

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