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Nathan Dunn
Nathan Dunn Digital Village Producer

Senior CTO Consultant


Passionate about finding the perfect solutions to complex problems. I believe good code is like good poetry – elegant, succinct, and with its own unique beauty.

Over the years I’ve had the privilege of writing web, desktop and mobile software used in on-line marketplaces; cryptocurrency trading; virtual reality; procedural content generation; video games; web mapping; bioinformatics; securities trading; and business process automation.

My purpose is to:
* Build great software products that people love, and tell their friends about
* Create and lead self-organising engineering teams
* Help startups and scale ups succeed

My values are:
* Authenticity
* Transparency
* Caring




Android IDE




Business Coaching


Business analytics

Data Visualisation

A/B Testing

Functional Programming


Software Design

Agile Project MGMT


Solution Architecture

Web Development

Mobile Applications

Software Engineering

Software Design

Mobile Devices


Game Development

Database Design



User Experience

Project Management

Android Development


Web Services

Business Strategy

Systems Architecture


Test Driven Development

Unit Testing

User Interface Design













Open Source




Virtual Reality

Object-oriented Languages


Functional Programming

Mixed Reality


Software Architectural Design

Unreal Engine

Augmented Reality

Primary Skills

business analysis

Web Development

App Development

process automation

Android IDE

IT Consulting

Software Design

User Testing

GPS live tracking solutions

Digital I.T. Project Delivery


Technology Consultant present > 01 Year


Sep 2018 – present

Sydney, Australia

I help startups and scaleups build great technology teams and software products.

After working with several high growth technology startups I decided to start a consultancy practice focused on providing services normally provided by a full time CTO or development lead on an as needed basis.

Services I can provide include:

* Vetting, Hiring, and Training of full time development staff
* Leadership of local and remote teams
* External review (Technology)
* External review (Staff)
* Technology Team Process Improvement
* Technology Roadmapping
* Strategy / planning sessions
* Implementation plan preparation
* Contract development
* Pitch deck preparation, review and practice sessions
* Mentoring and one on one conversations with development staff
* Sourcing of appropriate staff or consultants

This includes helping companies vet and manage candidates appropriate for their level of scale, mentoring, advisory services, system design, product design and any other function that would ordinarily be handled by an in house CTO.

I have been building software products since childhood and building great software engineering teams for most of my professional life. Whilst my passion is for start ups and scale ups, I can also help larger companies encourage innovation within their teams.

Over this time I have helped many technology companies succeed, at many levels including as a software engineer; full stack developer; software engineering team lead; CTO; technology consultant and business advisor.

Chief Technology Officer 06 months

Apr 2018 – Sep 2018

Sydney, Australia

Glamazon operates Australia’s largest freelance beauty stylist marketplace, and is pioneering the shared-economy model for at-home beauty services in Australia.

The Glamazon App allows users to discover, book and pay for all of their beauty requirements, immediately and on-the-go from the convenience of their Smartphone.

Whether you prefer the salon experience, or being glammed in your own home or office, Glamazon offers users a one-stop-shop to fulfill their beauty requirements.

As CTO of Glamazon I led both local and offshore developers to greatly improve their technology processes, core platform, apps and website. Some of the key achievements in this role include:

* Release of a new app built in React Native with greatly improved UX and the ability to build both Android and iOS versions from a single codebase using for CI/CD
* Release of a new consumer facing website built in WordPress and designed with the ability to scale to any number of users on AWS and hardened for security purpose, using Amazon EC2, Route 53, and incorporating a backup procedure into the release cycle
* Infrastructure upgrades using Amazon SQS as a message queue system allowing for a measure of scale on the Java Play backend, designing an upgrade path to bring the outdated Play framework in line with upstream and designing more scalable infrastructure
* Cost optimization and vendor agreements to first reduce and then eliminate hosting costs
* Vetting, hiring, training and mentoring new developers
* Advising management on how to achieve better strategic and technology outcomes

Technologies: Java, AWS, SQS, EC2, WordPress, JavaScript, React, React-Native, Play Framework, CI/CD, DevOps, Bash, Google Cloud.

Chief Technology Officer 11 months

May 2017 – Mar 2018

Sydney, Australia

HelloCars is a Sydney-based start-up which gives Australians a safer, more convenient and better-value way to buy and sell used cars, without the hassle.

Being a technology-driven business means HelloCars can sell cars for a highly competitive upfront price, guaranteed to be better than any dealer.

You can buy a used car with HelloCars securely knowing you have a seven-day, 500km money back guarantee, a minimum three-month warranty and it will be delivered right to your door.

HelloCars launched in Sydney and now offers Australia-wide delivery of all vehicles.

As CTO of HelloCars I managed local development and set up a new offshore development team, as well as implemented up a SCRUM process to better run sprints and worked on platform updates.

Key achievements in this role include:

* Systems integrations with Zoho CRM, Zapier, Google sheets and 3rd party APIs
* Data migration between vehicle pricing databases
* A range of front end and back and improvements to the HelloCars platform
* A redesigned quoting system
* Greatly improved search functionality
* A redesigned vehicle details pageHomepage updatesManagement of scale and infrastructure upgrades
* Sourcing and management of 3rd party contractors
* Advising management on how to achieve better strategic and technology outcomes

Technologies: PHP, Laravel, JavaScript, Angular.js, AWS, SQS, EC2, Elastic Beanstalk, New Relic, HTML, SCSS, Typescript, jQuery, MySQL.

Senior Software Engineer 01 Year & 08 Months
World Manager

Oct 2015 – May 2017

Sydney, Australia

World Manager is in the business of giving CEO’s, Operations Managers, HR and Training Managers the ability to track every employee world-wide, by-the-minute, using the best online corporate software in the world.

Our mission is to make business life easier and ‘Change how the world does business’. We have been taking the corporate world into the cloud since 2005 and we are just getting started.

As a Senior Engineer at World Manager I supervised junior developers and implemented front end, backend and mobile software using Java, Scala, and PHP.

Key achievements in this role include:
* Design and Implementation of a horizontally scalable push notification service to deliver buffered push notifications using Scala, Akka, Amazon SQS and Amazon SNS
* Rebuild of our white label Android app to  improve architecture, maintainability and UX of our white-label Android app that is build into over 200 customised versions
* Delivery of a range of front end, back end, and mobile updates with accompanying tests
* Supervision of a Junior engineer working to improve and automate our Android build process

Technologies: Android, Java, Scala, Akka, PHP, AWS, SQS, SNS, Google Cloud, Protobuf.

Software Engineering Team Lead 01 Year & 06 Months

May 2014 – Oct 2015

Sydney, Australia is the worlds largest freelancing and crowdsourcing marketplace by total number of users and projects posted. Over 12 million registered users have posted over 6 million projects and contests to date in over 600 areas as diverse as website development, logo design, marketing, copywriting, astrophysics, aerospace engineering and manufacturing. Freelancer Limited is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange under the ticker ASX:FLN.

My headline project at was to lead the team in charge of improving user profile pages to:

* Be more performant (improvement in the order of 5-10x TTFB+DOM ready, 3x reduction in HTTP response size, comparing before / after public page load times)
* Incorporate rich media / video served in a horizontally scalable way
* Vastly improve user experience
* Enable freelancers to present their work in the best possible light to potential employers

Of course at the end of the day the users provide the content – our project was about providing them a platform to show off their best work.

Following the success of this project the scope of our team was widened to encompass the entire Freelancer side of the business, including community pages and profile QA


Technologies: PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, Angular.js, Python, GoLang, MySQL, Elasticsearch, Redis, Thrift 

Software Developer 01 Year & 03 months


Mar 2013 – May 2014

Sydney, Australia

Full stack web developer working on a solar certificate registration and trading platform that serves web, android, and iOS clients across the renewable energy industry.

Developed API and web service endpoints, designed database architecture, implemented + maintained business logic across the entire platform, and implemented front end/UI/UX for enterprise management and trading systems

Technologies: PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, AWS, Git, jQuery, HTML/CSS

Full Stack Web Developer (contract) 06 months

Corporate Air

Jan 2013 – Jun 2013


Short term contract to improve airline logistics systems.

Technologies: PHP, JavaScript

Web Developer (contract) 01 month

Finance Technology Partners

Dec 2012

Sydney, Australia

Short term contract to update and improve enterprise photocopier finance systems

Web Developer (contract) 02 months

Australian Bureau Of Statistics

2012 – Jun 2012

Web Futures & Design – Customer Insights & Strategies, Canberra

Contract till end of financial year (30 June) to develop web mapping and geospatial data visualisation technologies to display census data
Technologies: JavaScript, OpenLayers, ArcGIS.

Tutor/Demonstrator – Software Project Management 05 months

Australian National University

Feb 2012 – Jun 2012

Canberra, Australia

COMP3120 – Managing Software Development: Sole tutor for the degree program. Taught ~110 students how to deal with a range of issues in business, engineering and software project management.

COMP4130 – Software Quality & Process: Small group teaching around Software Quality Control

User Interface Developer (contract) 05 months


Oct 2011 – Feb 2012

Canberra, Australia

Contract to develop a scientific analysis platform capable of geospatially visualising the spread of target gene markers carried by organisms collected from environmental samples. This platform also allows scientists to cross-reference information from the Atlas of Living Australia API to determine temporal and environmental conditions in the region including wind, temperature and radiation.

In addition to development of the front end interface I also implemented an API to expose data stored in a relational database implementing the ontological “chado” schema. This permitted further cross-referencing to be made with a vast database of phenotypic, phylogenetic, and genetic data.

Technologies: JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, Chado, OpenLayers, ExtJS 

R&D Consultant 01 Year & 03 Months

Ernst & Young

Aug 2010 – Oct 2011

Sydney, Australia

Consulted on innovation and technical risk to researchers, technical staff, managers and executives from a wide range of companies operating at all levels of business from start-ups to multinationals.

Research Assistant 02 months

School of Strategy & Entrepreneurship, Australian School of Business, UNSW

Mar 2010 – Apr 2010

Sydney, Australia

Researched a variety of factors affecting the success or failure of start up companies in the healthcare biotechnology industry founded between 1998 and 2003 in Australia, Japan, Europe and the USA.

This study was part of a larger ARC funded study to help direct innovation policy with the aiming of increasing growth in the Australian Biotechnology industry 

Assistant Manager 04 months

ATP Innovations (Technology Incubator)

Nov 2008 – Feb 2009

Sydney, Australia

Provided support to start-up companies and ATP innovations, Australia’s leading technology business incubator

Consulting 05 months

Applied Physiology Pty Ltd

Jul 2008 – Nov 2008

Lead a team that developed a commercialization strategy and business plan for diabetes management software on mobile devices. This business plan earned an honorable mention in the 2008 Peter Farrell cup business planning competition.

Founder 01 Year

Standout Web Design

2006 – 2007

Sydney, Australia

Standout web design was my very first business, operating as a web design & implementation consultancy / digital agency

Software Engineering Mentor 01 month

National Computer Science School, University of Sydney

Jan 2015


Assisted a team of High School Students in the NCSS Programming Competition as an industry mentor representing

The students competed against each other in a series of interesting programming, logic, and problem solving challenges. After a few days learning Python they were able to tackle some pretty tricky questions and most importantly had a lot of fun!

Treasurer, Reef Trip Organiser, Gear Officer, Purchasing Officer, Dive Officer 03 Years

Company NameUNSW Underwater (SCUBA) Club

Mar 2007 – Mar 2010


Helped the UNSW underwater club manage their money, organise awesome trips and find new dive buddies!

As a member of both the executive and general committee over several years I was heavily involved in strategic, operational, marketing, IT systems and financial management facets of the club.

They’re the biggest SCUBA club in NSW (and you don’t even have to be a student to join!) Check them out at

Helping kids create businesses! 05 months

Club Kidpreneur Foundation

May 2011 – Sep 2011

Economic Empowerment

I left work early for 2 terms (using a combination of annual and volunteering leave offered by my employer at the time) to teach after school classes for two terms. Kids were encouraged to come up with an idea for a new product, work out the business side of things like market research, being profitable, and finally selling their stuff at the eveleigh artisans market.

It was a great experience and the kids really enjoyed it too – there is an excellent, easy to use teachers handbook that the kidpreneur foundation provides and they organise all the artisans market logistics etc. You just show up, go over the program and try to pass on anything you can from your own experience. There is generally an after school care staff member around as well that helps to keep things running smoothly.

Please see if you would like to get involved!


University of New South Wales

Bachelor of Science, Honours IIA
Activities and Societies: Member of both the General and Executive Commitee for the UNSW Underwater Club – NSW’s biggest SCUBA club by membership headcount alone. Heavily involved for several years in roles including: Treasurer; Purchasing Officer; Dive Officer; Gear Officer; Dive boat operator and; Reef Trip organiser.
2007 – 2009

University of New South Wales

Diploma in Innovation Management, Technology commercialization
Activities and Societies: Marketing Director, Entrepreneurs in Science Society
2007 – 2009

University of Newcastle

Bachelor of Computer Science, Computer Science
Activities and Societies: Events & Activities Co-ordinator, University of Newcastle Computer Society
Partial completion
2004 – 2006


Certified Scrum Master
2019 – 2019

Academy Xi

Virtual Reality Design Bootcamp, Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality design principles short course
2016 – 2016


Small Business Management Cert. IV, Business Administration, Management and Operations
2006 – 2006


Happy Customers

When you innovate, you make mistakes. It is best to admit them quickly, and get on with improving your other innovations.

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