Case Study:

Case Study:

How a Digital Village On-Demand CTO helped pave the way for this education platform


Finding a team who could not only understand RedBridge Education’s business needs but further develop their business strategy was one of the most difficult commodities that founder, Emily McLachlan, came across in her start-up journey. Digital Village was the solution to their IT discrepancies, they provided a service that worked alongside them, so together they could help achieve RedBridge’s business goals.


About the Customer

RedBridge Education is an online marketplace that connects cutting-edge educators with schools around Australia. It provides schools with a central location to find, book and connect with leading facilitators and teachers. Launched in late 2017, RedBridge is now host to 300 facilitators with over 60 schools actively using the platform.


The Challenges

One of the main challenges that Emily has come up against since launching RedBridge is communicating their vision and needs with their technology provider. “I’m not an IT person, so it was difficult getting [my] ideas across.”

With no background in software, the founder of the tech start-up found herself in a difficult position. “[My previous technology partner] would deliver something that was completely different to what I actually wanted.”

It is a scenario the team at Digital Village see too often. This lengthy process created frustrations on either end of the supply chain. A lack of effective communication, next to no accountability and multiple inefficiencies in their previous arrangement had Emily searching for other options.


The Solution

“Luke [Producer from Digital Village], was the first and only person that I came across that actually seemed to take an interest in the business. Not only in the idea of the business and the business model but was asking questions about what did I want it to do and what were the goals rather than “just tell us what you want and we’ll build it as best we can.”

The Digital Village Producer was immersed in the customers business and became very much part of the team. Held together by a strong relationship with the clients, the producer developed an intimate knowledge of the business, its stakeholders, its vision and future. The Producer was able to understand the mission of the business and the value proposition to its customers and translate that vision and value proposition into a technology solution to be realised and experienced by customers online.

In this instance, the Producer played a crucial role in activities such as:

  • Business technology planning & strategy
  • Tech solution and system design
  • Stakeholder meetings & communication
  • Design, implementation and management of tech solution
  • Product team and technology direction
  • New feature prioritisation and sprint planning
  • System support and maintenance planning
  • On-call for technology emergencies.

One of Emily’s highlights of working with Digital Village is that “they draw out what you’re actually wanting and what your vision is and they help you put that into practice whereas otherwise, I would really struggle.”

“Digital Village really brings our vision to life. They take big ideas and make them achievable.”



One of Emily’s favourite attributes to working with the Digital Village team is that “they draw out what you’re actually wanting and what your vision is and they help you put that into practice.”

For RedBridge Education the results were instantaneous “in the first two months after working with Digital Village, the number of providers that we had sign up on our platform almost quadrupled.”

“Digital Village brings our vision to life. They take big ideas and make them achievable.”
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