Hire a Digital Specialist

Hire a Digital Specialist

Find a Developer, Designer, UXer, Digital Marketer, Data scientist, Project Manager or Product Manager from our network

Find a Developer, Designer, UXer, Digital Marketer, Data scientist, Project Manager or Product Manager from our network

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We help you find the right person to join your team or project

Finding good people to work with when you need them is time consuming and frustrating. Do you need someone who is technically competent and highly specialised in their field? Someone who is enjoyable to work with and can be relied on to deliver on their promise?

Digital Village is a professional network of digital specialists specialising in a vast set of technologies and practices. All specialists have undergone our recruitment and screening process. Much of our network has grown from peer referrals.

It is a closed, invitation only network because quality control and strong relationships are more important than sheer size.



Designers & UX

Designers & UX

Digital Marketers

Digital Marketers

Data Scientists

Data Scientists

Project Managers

Project Managers

Product Managers

Product Managers

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“Access to the level of expertise we required in a full-time format was unaffordable. The Digital Village model has proven an ideal solution for our organisations technology needs.”
Imagine Corp
It has been a pleasure to work with the team at Digital Village. They have been extremely responsive to any request or query, no matter how trivial, and consistently exceeded expectations. The team took the time to make sure that we understood everything that they were doing and why, a very important factor when dealing with non-IT experts such as ourselves.
Meditech Media
Project Director

The Digital Specialist Network

A professional network of Developers, Designers, UXers, Digital Marketers, Data scientists, Project Managers and Product Managers

The Digital Specialist Network
Industry Specific

Find someone with experience in your vertical

Highly Specialised Experts

Find individuals who have honed their skills set to a particular technology stack, framework or platform.

Onshore Talent

Find someone in your timezone or city to work with face-to-face.

Offshore options

Face-face not important? offshoring is great value.

Vetted & Screened

All specialists undergo our acceptance criteria

Experienced People Only

All specialists have at least 5 years industry experience.

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Ongoing support and maintenance of your technology to make sure everything is looked after and up to date.

Rajas Sydney, Australia

Experienced – Data Scientist – Freeancer

Brett Sydney, Australia

Experienced – Developer / Designer – Freelancer

Justin Sydney, Australia

Experienced – Software Engineer – Freelancer

Diego Tamarama, Australia

Experienced – Design / UX – Freelancer

Jack Budapest, Hungary

Experienced – Product Manager – Freelancer

Krzysztof Gdansk, Poland

Experienced – Front End Developer – Freelancer

Kenneth Sydney, Australia

Experienced – Product Designer – Freelancer

Tony Warsaw, Poland

Experienced – Software Engineer – Freelancer

Ruel Makati, Philippines

Experienced – Cloud Specialist – Consultant

Roman Toronto, Canada

Experienced – CTO / CEO / Project Manager – Freelancer

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