That DV Show Episode 4

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That DV Show! returns on the 26th of May for Episode 4, where we’ll be diving into the latest topics to grace headlines with a lineup of guests.

Join us when That DV Show! Ep:4 streams at 3pm (we promise this time) on the 26th of May. We look forward to seeing you there & hearing your thoughts on all this & more!

The Panel

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Paul Scott
Paul Scott Driving Businesses with a Growth Mindset

Paul’s spent most of his adult life working with organisations grappling with customer management and business growth challenges. He’s set up ventures in the Middle East, Asia and Europe and has spent the past 6 years working in Australia with digital solution start-ups and scale-up. He’s a passionate believer in life-long learning and personal development and sees a bright future for all of us seeking a sustainable, compassionate and progressive way of life.

Jason Hardie
Jason Hardie Co-Founder, Digital Village

Your returning co-host and digital expert. Jason’s career in IT began as a freelancer because he wanted independence, choice and flexibility in his work life. 10 years later, he co-created a platform called Digital Village which looked to provide other professionals in the technology industry the ability seek the same purpose, choice and flexibility.

Luke Fabish
Luke Fabish Co-Founder, Digital Village

Your returning co-host and digital expert. Senior software developer with 20 years experience working with technical consultancies, enterprises and small business in Australia.

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