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The Digital Village Stream

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Online Event

3:30 PM to 4:30 PM, Thursday, September 17 (upcoming)

Digital Village Live-Stream

The Future of Work: Megatrends, Mindsets & You

As they say, the future is now. Rapid advancements in technology are not only changing the way we work but the fundamental ways in which companies operate.

The integration of technology will undoubtedly continue but what are the implications for human skills and values? Will a shift of focus to high-level tasks redefine management and organisational roles? Can business and technology leaders collaborate to succeed in this transitional period?

During our next DV virtual meetup, our founders and guests will be exploring the mega-trends in the ‘Future Of Work’.

Our guest speakers

Anuraj Gambhir
Anuraj Gambhir Innovation Catalyst & Thought Leader

Futurist, techprenuer and coiner of the phrase ‘simplexity’, Anuraj Gambhir has inspired tech startups and helped major entities transition into innovative organisations with his forward thinking, speaking and consulting.

Rachel Atkins
Rachel Atkins Communities & Capability Leader

Rachel Atkins is a business psychologist and executive coach. A self-confessed people geek, Rachel has used her entrepreneurial flair to help businesses navigate and lead in the digital economy.

Your hosts

Jason Hardie
Jason Hardie Co-Founder, Digital Village

Luke Fabish
Luke Fabish Co-Founder, Digital Village

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