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The Gaddie Pitch

So, what do you do?

How many times this week has someone asked, what you do? How do you usually answer?

At this months Meetup we walked through the Gaddie Pitch.  The Gaddie pitch provides a structure to easily convey what problem you solve in the world and how you do it in 2-3 sentences. Super helpful when your prospective customer or potential investor has landed in front of you.


Antony Gaddie is a marketing expert based in Melbourne, Australia. Gaddie breaks down his pitch into three sentences:

  1. You know how…? – Target market + their key problems
  2. Well what we do is…
  3. In fact…

Listen to the recording as Dondon Bales walks us through the process using examples.


1) my old introduction use a lot of jargons that people outside of my industry peer group will not have any clue

2) my old introduction was all about me, my position, my responsibility, what I do…and nothing about the other person

“To be brutally honest, no one really cares about my position or what I do.

What people really care about is how I can actually help them or what’s the value I can give them to solve their problem.

3) my old introduction was not clear; too broad; not enticing; there was no differentiator that makes me stand out as it was a very generic introduction


Use Gaddie Pitch technique to stand-out

Blue post it note: Who is your target audience? Who are the specific people who you want to talk to/to pitch/to sell? Then right down what is their most common pressing problem or challenge that they continuously complain about (pain point)

Pink post it note: Divide into 3 columns – (1) What you do (2) Benefits (3) Feelings. Pick top 2 things that you do (what you offer, what you sell) and place under the “What you do” column. Then imagine what the benefit that others get by what you do and write in the “Benefits” column. Then imagine what the feelings they will experience once they have the benefit of what you have offered them and write in the “Feelings” column (are they happy? satisfied? excited?) Choose a powerful, energetic, emotionally charged feeling word.

Note: You only use the statements in the 1st column (What you do) when you talk with people in your industry and peer group. For everybody else, use the “Benefits” and the “Feelings” again.

People may not remember exactly what you did, or what you said, but they will always remember how you made them feel.  

Green post it note: Reminisce the biggest accomplishment or a specific case study of which you have delivered an outcome by what you do. Make sure this is the story that supports your claim on the Benefit and Feeling written in the “Pink Post it note”.


Gaddie Pitch: (3 sentences, no more than 30 seconds)

You know how < Blue post it Note with focus on pain point by target market >

Well what we do is < Pink Post it Note – with focus on Benefits and Feelings >

In fact < Green post it note with focus on testimonial success story that supports the previous statement >


Example Gaddie Pitch by Digital Village

You know how small medium enterprises and start-up companies struggle to understand and use technology, and find the right tech savvy people to help them with their business?

Well what we do is help them connect with trusted I.T. advisors and expert teams around the world who are affordable and right for them, who reassuringly hold their hand, walk with them in their journey, and deliver the right technical solution to help grow their business, leaving them highly satisfied.

In fact, we’ve helped one of our start-up client, IExpeditions, by forming a team of experts who created their online platform and help them reach $1 million dollars in sales in their 1st 6 months of trading, and we continue to support their systems from 2 years ago up until this day.


That’s the basic formula. But there’s a little more to it than that.

  • Have you identified the aim of your gaddie pitch? Is it clear, concise and wrapped up in the first one to two sentences?

  • Have you explained your role in your business?

  • Have you communicated your ‘uniqueness’?

  • Have you followed up with a question to engage your audience?

  • Have you practiced your pitch? Does it flow? Is it 20-30 seconds?

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Meetup 4: Tech Project Role Play

A People first approach to running tech projects

People are the centre of everything we do. Friends, family, community, business, economy.

Although we live in a digital world, we are still people. The purpose of these Meetups is for us as people, people in the technology space, (whether that be building it or relying on it for our businesses) to share and learn from one another and hear perspectives from both client and developer sides to help us all run better projects together.

In this Meetup we explored some common scenarios where people are at the centre of the problem, not the technology. We then re-group to sit down and examine each scenario in a  little more detail.

Role Plays

Each participant is given a script with a character to play.

On your card you will see a character and persona of your Village alter-ego. You have a problem you are trying to solve or a job you are looking for. Take a walk around our makeshift Village to find a person that matches your needs.

If you meet a person and they are not the person your looking for, move on to asking the next person nearby. You should have a card that provides leading questions to ask the other person.

Once you have matched with someone, and have completed the questionnaire, write that person’s name at the top of that meeting for later. And then move onto the next conversation.


1. Ecommerce Post-Life Cat Shop

Jenny has an Ecommerce site selling post-life cats. Her taxidermy felines from all around the world were a big hit last year but this year she has seen that her cart abandonment rate has increased to over 80% for the last 6 months.

View Conversation Scripts

Questions rasied

  • Might this scenario result in a successful outcome for both parties?
  • Are desirable outcomes/results likely to be achieved?
  • Feeling of trust and partnership?
  • Likelihood of future engagement?

2. Mobile App for a Startup

Malcolm has been working with a developer to build this mobile App that enables people over 70 to learn how to skateboard. The project has been deemed complete bt there is some bugs that he has found and wants to talk to the developer about fixing them.

View Conversation Scripts

Questions rasied

  • Might this scenario result in a successful outcome for both parties?
  • Are desirable outcomes/results likely to be achieved?
  • Feeling of trust and partnership?
  • Likelihood of future engagement?

We hold these Meetups to share and learn from each other to make the journey an enjoyable and fulfilling experience that results in success for our personal and business lives. Whether your a freelancer, agency, startup or established business. We all experience the same problem; People. The right people for the job, the right people to work with,  communicating effectively to people, and understanding people. (We may never fully understand people).