Explores innovative solutions empowering young people to navigate & flourish in a shifting future world.

CREATIVE  RESONANCE is 6 part film series that explores innovative solutions empowering young people to navigate & flourish in a shifting future world.

This 6 x 10 min series discovers innovative solutions to the education crises that threaten our biggest national asset – our children. It explores the practical solutions that are helping children to thrive and flourish. Who has found answers to educating children in the 21st century? What can stop the ever increasing epidemic of mental health problems? What countries are doing it well, where did they get their inspiration and what lessons can we take forward?


Who are these children? What do they think about growing up in a world of social and economic unrest? What issues are they facing? Told from the perspectives of the children as well as the educators and futurists who are striving to find ways to reconcile past practices with a vision for a positive new era. We follow six children on the threshold of adolescence, through their resilience, courage along with the visionary educators who are working to support children in a world where global warming and unrest are the new normal.

The Issue

The series highlights the innovative solutions that exist to address the harm being done to children by the out dated industrial models of education. There are alarming increases in children experiencing anxiety, stress & depression with suicide being the largest cause of deaths of 15 – 24 year olds. The current model of education is not serving our children or their future. Combined with children’s addiction to technology, it has resulted in parents, educators & students feeling bewildered and disempowered.

The series is designed to powerfully counteract this through in-depth accounts of examples of countries and schooling systems that are successfully supporting the wellbeing and resilience of children, along with real life stories of children and families struggling to create a better future. It highlights that we all have a responsibility to act in making children’s wellbeing & their access to a positive new education a priority and that every action, however small, is critical.

The Impact

The vision of CREATIVE RESONANCE is to:

  • Change educational policy so that children’s present and future well being and resilience is a key priority. 
  • Get parents and society to change the way they view education shifting from narrow focus on academics to well being and positive self esteem. 
  • Enable quality arts education to be available to all children. 

The Benefits

  • Improved well being of children and future generations
  • Healthier more sustainable models of education more widely available to children and families from all social and economic sectors. 

The Strategy

The strategy is to:

  • Create informed and inspiring film that clearly articulates the need to change in educational policy so that children’s present and future well being and resilience is a key priority. 
  • Provide the Meaningful Values in Action Toolkit that enables parents, educators and society to take action. 

The Meaningful Values in Action Toolkit

The aim is to provide families and communities with a toolkit that helps them identify their core values and put them into action on a regular basis. 

An app has been designed and is moving into the MVP development phase. 

This will be put into user testing in selected families and schools for feedback.

Future developments will be run in 20day sprints. Teams are assembled on a sprint by sprint basis. 

How Can you help?


The Scope of Work

Many families and communities today struggle to find time to create opportunities for meaningful communication and to constructively work with challenges and issues, especially in families as children reach the teenage years.  

This App has been designed with busy families in mind, to help families and communities prioritise meaningful values and relationships.  The App incorporates research from the world’s leading behavioural change researchers that have found that creating meaningful values improves children’s self-esteem and families well being.

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