That Digital Village Show

The Digital Village Show

That DV Show is an online talk show where we meet with industry-leading technologists to unpack the impacts and opportunities technology has on culture and business.

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DV Show Episode 4

Episode 4 – Purpose-Driven Organisations

Purpose provides both the foundations for a business and a way to evaluate its reason for existence. With a wider acceptance endeavours should extend beyond economic exchange, we’re shifting from why to how to create purpose-driven organisations.

Episode 6: Cyber Security

During the fifth episode of the coveted tech talk show, Jason, Paul and Luke will be joined by an expert panel to dive into the murky world of cyber crime and cyber security.

Episode 5 – the Environmental Cowboy

On this lockdown special of That DV Show!, we were joined by the Environmental Cowboy, Khory Hancock.   He sat down with Paul to give fascinating insights into carbon farming, his upcoming film, ‘A Blue Hope’, and why we need to change mindsets when finding long term solutions.

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