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The Digital Village Show: Cyber Security

Episode 6

We’re changing things up for the next event. Covid has hit NSW hard, and our thoughts and prayers to go out to everyone impacted.

Although we’re in lockdown though, we won’t stop trying to provide you with the best industry tech knowledge from leading experts.

Our next episode is going to be a 3 part series podcast with Jason and Paul diving into the murky world of cybercrime and cybersecurity.

In the not too distant past, security breaches that affected tens of thousands of people would be headline news, but now breaches that compromise millions (or even billions) of people. Ransomeware attacks and data breaches hit the headlines daily.

And it’s not just high profile enterprises that are getting hacked. Small and medium businesses are increasingly the targets of cybercriminals using ever more sophisticated techniques to extract data and hold firms to ransom.

Chief Strategy Officer of Cyber CX, Alastair MacGibbon, and The University of Sydney CIO Trevor Woods will be interviewed across a 6-week covid-special series.


Alastair MacGibbon

Chief Strategy Officer of Cyber CX


Trevor Woods

The University of Sydney CIO

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