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The Digital Village Show: Decentralised Internet and Cyberbullying

Episode 7

In the next episode, Jason and Paul are delighted to be joined by Australia’s eSafety Commissioner, Julie Inman-Grant.

The decentralised internet:

There’s been a lot in the press recently covering the idea of a decentralised internet, with some cynics saying it’s a utopian fever dream that will never come to fruition. It’s easy to imagine how it would remove some of the dominance of the big tech companies, and put more control in the hands of consumers and communities, but wouldn’t a decentralised just become even more out of control than the one we have today?

What is it? The services that are decentralised today?

Pluses and risks and the Commission’s approach.

Cyberbullying and crime!

Australia leads the world in its approach to cyberbullying and protecting our citizens online. The government online safety act was passed into law in June this year.

It’s a world-first and empowers the government eSafety Commissioner to force removal of cyber abuse and exact fines on those who do not comply with the new act.

And they’ve only just got started. As the technology landscape continues to evolve and online media channels emerge in ever more exotic forms, the eSafety team is pressing for more codes and standards to guide the industry to a better, safer customer experience.


Julie Inman-Grant

Australia’s eSafety Commissioner

Julie Inman-Grant’s credentials are as formidable as her remit is daunting. Both a mother and having a global leadership roles in Microsoft and Twitter forming policies and programmes covering safety, privacy and philanthropy. Jaulie’s is currently the eSafety Commissioner has led her to be described by the Australian press as ‘one of the nations most influential women’, and a moniker that really stood out was the picked up at the World Economic Forum in 2020 as one of the #Agile50 – the world’s most influential leaders revolutionising government.

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