The Next Generation of Digital Platforms

A Digital Village Show Series

Exploring the next generation of business, technology and equity.

As the Digital Economy has expanded, digital Platforms have evolved with a promise of choice, flexibility and autonomy. Some of the most valued aspects of the new way of working in the digital age.

BUT… nothing is free in this free-market world. And as the saying goes, “If you’re not paying for the product, then you are the product”.

And, this is an important conversation we must have if we want to move away from extracting value from people and the accumulation of wealth for a few.

What it will take to secure a digital future that prioritises labour equity and well-being?

At Digital Village, we’re looking at how we can work together to remove the uncertainty of freelancing and build a platform we all own, and are currently running an experiment to see if a DAO management system will help us in achieving our mission.

Join us on the journey as we speak with technology experts across old and new organisational management systems and methods including platform cooperatives, DAOs and the more conventional approaches to organisational design.

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The Co-Op Car Ride

Kicking off the series from Costa Rica with a conversation about Platform Cooperatives. What are they? How do they work and how do they differ to other business models we’re more familiar with.

April 26th, 2023


Big Tech vs Platform Coops

What if digital platforms like Uber, Freelancer, Upwork etc were owned by the platform’s users?

What would that look like? How would that change the way they operate and would their priorities change. Because what is the purpose of those businesses?

May 17th, 2023


Web 3.0 & a Shared Internet

Why decentralisation? 

May 24th, 2023


Finding Consensus with Warm Data & 

June 7th, 2023


When & when not to use a DAO

21st June, 2023


Tokens &
Value Exchange

5th July, 2023


Stakeholder Agreements &  Smart Contracts

19th July, 2023


Social Responsibility & Ethics of digital platforms and technology businesses

2nd August, 2023


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