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The Digital Village Show: Purpose-Driven Organisations

Episode 4

Purpose provides both the foundations for a business and a way to evaluate its reason for existence. With a wider acceptance endeavours should extend beyond economic exchange, we’re shifting from why to how to create purpose-driven organisations.

This month, we’ll be chatting with our two guests about modern business, the leaders of a new age and how organisations are adapting to the needs of people, society and the environment.

Tegan Smith, CEO of OPAL Rheumatology, has grown a powerhouse medical research business from her living room that now supports 210,000 patients in Australia.

Our second guest, Tim Duggan, co-founder of Junkee Media and author of Cult Status, has been praised for his insights & thoughts on how businesses are becoming principled, purposeful and creative to cater to changing clients.

As always, we’ll also be jumping into the latest headlines in business and tech!


Tegan Smith

CEO – OPAL Rheumatology Ltd

Brought 112 clinicians and 210,000+ patients together with industry, government, and technology to harness the power of data to improve human health.


Tim Duggen

Co-Founder, Author and Editor-at-Large

Author of the book, “Cult Status: How To Build A Business People Adore” is a business optimist who firmly believes in the power of business to do good.

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