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The Co-Op Car Ride


This episode is a bit different as it is recorded in a car on a midnight road trip as we were driving from the Caribbean Sea to San Jose. The car is full and we have an expert and passionate panel on Cooperatives. 

We explore the history and principles of Cooperatives and the philosophy behind the movement. We look at the pros and cons of Cooperatives and when they work and when they don’t. 

Joining us on episode one

Khaild Villalobos
 Political Scientist

Francesca Martinelli, PhD
Director, Centro Studi
Doc Foundation

Markel Gibert


Juan Latorre
Founder, Eraman Coop &
 Coop-Cycle member

In this episode we’ll be discussing…

1) What is a Co-op?

2) Democratic participation

3) Cooperation among coops

4) The importance of community

5) Education and training

6) Adopting an ethical approach

7) What happens in a General Assembly (GA)?

What are the different types of coops?

  • What’s a platform coop
  • What is a worker coop?
  • What are multi-stakeholder coops?

How do they differ from other organisational models?

Why are Coops not a more widely adopted business model?


Welcome to the Digital Village Show, and podcast brought to you by the people from Digital Village.

So for those who are just tuning in to the Show for the first time, The Digital Village is a global network of digital practitioners who have come together to build teams and collaborate on projects together.

The Digital Village Show is a podcast that explores relationships between business, technology and people.

In this new 7 part series, we will be exploring the next generation of platform businesses and how technology can enable teams and organisations to be non-hierarchical and self organising.

I’ll be conducting a series of interviews with business and technology experts across old and new organisational management systems and methods, including Platform Cooperatives, DAOs and the more conventional approaches to organisational design.

In this episode we will be talking about Platform Cooperatives, what are they? How do they work and how do they differ to other business models we’re more familiar with.

We have a unique opportunity to listen to some experts and industry leaders in the Coop movement and we are all gathered here today on a road trip from the Caribbean to San Jose. So we are calling this special edition “The Co-Op Car Ride”

Before we jump in, I’ll ask my friends here to introduce themselves and give a little bit of background on themselves and what they do?