Who we are and Why we exist

Who we are and Why we exist

We are a unique combination of people, product and purpose that provide a new way of working and delivering technology solutions for society and the world.

Positive Impact Program

#Tech for Good

The world is now at a point where we have the knowledge, technology and capacity to solve most of the worlds problems.

How can we as technologists and change-makers work together to make a difference and get paid for it at the same time?

The mission of the PIP Program is to introduce a new way of working and learning that provides opportunity for people to step outside their comfort zone and into areas that wish to explore building solutions for business, people, technology, environment, health, social, more. Whether it be to expand their career or learn skills or to find meaning and joy in their work and life.



The goal of the PIP Program is to create jobs that will contribute to society and the world in a way that is enjoyable and empowering. The PIP is designed firstly, to solve social and environmental problems. Secondly to educate people, build teams and relationships around a common cause that is meaningful and impactful. 

The purpose of the program is to:

  1. Bring value to people and organisations.
  2. Bring technologists together to collaborate on meaningful and impactful projects.
  3. Build channels of meaningful work between those completing studies and the workforce. And those looking for work opportunities.
  4. Promote a new economy of collaboration,  skill-share and teamwork among individuals.
  5. Support and empower social and environment impact initiatives to realise their goals.
  6. Provide education institutions an avenue for their graduates to be involved in real-life projects to apply their learned skills. 
  7. Provide opportunities for skilled people to be involved in meaningful initiatives where they can experience a different type of work or role.

The Movement

Digital Village, although a tech company, is fundamentally about people. Their happiness, their well-being, their fulfilment, their environment, their life. This is what we care about, because this is what matters.

The Mission

I believe business and work should be an enjoyable and fulfilling responsibility that is inline with ones personal goals, beliefs and aspirations. Our mission is to blend life and work so they compliment each other.

Jason Hardie – Founder

The Purpose

The purpose of Digital Village as a company and as a community is to collectively aim to have the biggest positive impact on the world as we can.

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