The Digital Village Positive Impact Program

The Digital Village Positive Impact Program

A unique combination of people, product and purpose that provide a new way of working and delivering technology solutions for society and the world.

How does it work?

We build teams of tech professionals to work on Positive Impact Projects (PIPs) as a means of verifying their capability. Once they have worked on a project, they can join the Village as a verified ‘Digital Specialist’

Positive Impact Projects (PIPs)

A PIP by definition is “a technology solution to a social or environmental problem”

  • Projects are run and managed by one of our Producers.
  • the PIP projects act as an on-boarding project for our new members. this is called the Digital Specialists Program
  • Projects are broken into 20 day sprints following our 20day methodology
  • projects are defined by clear outcomes and objectives
  • How does it work?
    The Digital Village model

    A New Type of Business

    A New Type of Business

    We run Projects and build Products.

    The Producer

    The Producer works with the client to scope the project and build the team.

    The Network

    The network of specialists and teams is the foundation of the platform.


    Specialised, Cross-functional teams and assembled bespoke to project requirements.

    Digital Specialist Program

    A guided Self-Education program that builds technology solutions for real social and environmentally conscious projects.

    20 Days

    This is the process of running projects and delivering agreements.

    The Network

    The Network is a tiered layer system that allows anyone to join the platform as a member but are unable to work on projects until their credibility has been proved. The user can progress towards the centre of the network (if they desire to do so) by undergoing training, recommendations by others in the network, delivering projects with purpose and by a soft-rating system different to that of common rating systems.

    The Network
    Tier 1: Village Members

    This is the most outer layer of the network that allows people to be involved in the Digital Village Movement, be part of the community, network with others, and most importantly; find the information they need to upskill themselves to reach a level where they can start working on projects and make a living out of being a Digital Village Specialist.

    Tier 2: Approved teams & Specialists

    The Professional Network enables individuals to signup and join project teams to work both remotely/virtually and  physically/in-house. Individuals can join teams, be invited to teams, work individually and also create teams. We want to promote freelancers to join the network and create their own teams by inviting their friends. The result being a cross-functional team that get along personally, can communicate clearly, enjoy their work and become fully-self sustainable by working together on bigger projects.

    Tier 3: Premium Teams & Consultants

    This layer is a concentrated group of highly capable people that specialise in particular areas. Usually these teams will work on highly sophisticated technical solutions and consultation around digital transformation for large enterprise customers.

    Tier 4: The Producer

    A Producer becomes a tech-partner with the client and is responsible for developing solutions, building teams, project communication and relationships and more.

    Being technically capable and also Emotionally Intelligent, the Producer is able to listen the customer, understand the problems and communicate the solution requirements to the teams of Developers, Designers, Marketers and Project Managers.

    Digital Specialist Program

    The mission of the Digital Specialist Program (DSP) is to introduce a new way of working and learning that provides opportunity for people to not only be skilled and prepared for the coming age of technology but to enjoy their work and their life.

    Bridge the gap between people completing studies and the workforce.

    Promote a new economy of collaboration, skill-share and teamwork among individuals.

    Channel these teams into the Digital Village Network where they can make money by working on projects.

    Support and empower social and environment impact organisations to realise their goals.

    Provide education institutions an avenue for their graduates to be involved in real-life projects to apply their learned skills.

    Digital Specialist Program

    Are you a digital specialist? Do you want to learn new technologies, develop your professional skills and make a positive impact? You’ve come to the right place.

    20 Days

    The Digital Village 20day Method is an agile project management methodology derived from Lean Startup to improve product quality and user satisfaction, reduce costs and mitigate risks. It is a continuous improvement process that enables clear communication between all 3 parties on the 3-sided marketplace.

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    20 Days

    Meet the Founder

    Meet the Founder

    Take a stroll with the Founder to learn more about what Digital Village is, how it works and why it was started.