The journey and road ahead



The Beginning

Founder incorporates Digital Village in an attempt to legitimise his web design and development freelance business.



Making Mistakes

Experiments with Outsourcing Offshore and makes a lot of mistakes and learns a lot of lessons.



Founder finds himself

Founder travels overseas and develops a network of reliable suppliers for a range of technologies.

A year full of both happy and unhappy customers allowed us to learn from what went wrong and what can be improved. As a result, the 20day method was created.


January 2017

Tries to be an agency

We open an office in Sydney, Australia and pretend to enjoy coming to an office everyday.


September 2017

Decision to convert to online platform

We decide to make our network, our methodology and our culture available to the world. By designing a 3 sided marketplace where everyone can enjoy work-life balance and still produce great work.

  • We found this setup to be beneficial to our existing customer base and appealed to others we told about it.
  • We raise our first round of Seed Investment
  • <h1>Timeline</h1>

    July 2018

    Soft Release

    MVP of platform is released for our early adopters including our current customer base and other users wanting to be part of the future of work. This release will include basic functionality including:

  • Specialist and Producer registration and profile creation
  • Create teams
  • Customer account creation
  • Project Submission
  • Basic 20day dashboards

  • <h1>Timeline</h1>

    September 2018

    Official Release

    With our systems and processes tested fine-tuned, we officially release the application and continue to evolve the platform, the business but do not keep our eye from our purpose.

  • We release a near complete version of the platform
  • We consider raising Series A round of funding
  • <h1>Timeline</h1>