Technology Skills of Tomorrow

Technology Skills of Tomorrow

IT professionals with strong communication and soft skills are in high-demand.

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Digital Village is dedicated to continuous improvement. Not just in our services but in our people. This is why we have partnered with Cred Solutions.

The importance of people skills in an ever-expanding technical world is becoming greater and greater. With people spending more time in front of screens rather than people, these people and communication skills are becoming weaker. Digital Villages’ point of difference is in our style of running projects with clear communication between all stakeholders.

Jason and RonanCred and DV are working together to provide specialised training in communication and leadership for IT professionals. We are partnering because we recognise the common cause of failed projects; being poor communication. And the personal and professional improvement this training brings to the lives of our members.

About Cred Solutions

Cred works at the intersection of technology, neuroscience and coaching. They specialise in working with the Top 16% of technology professionals who are shaping the future of I.T.

  • Cred has coached, trained and mentored over 3,000 technology professionals.

  • In 2017 our work in helping our clients build new capability, habits and change behaviour was recognised by the NSW Department of Innovation.

  • We continue to build our own digital platform and recognise the challenges that developers and specialists face keeping up with the pace of change.

Our clients lead digital transformation programs across the world. They are in-demand, energised and in control of their careers.

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