Building the back end of a health tech app that empowers people to live healthier, happier and longer lives.

The Challenge

UAre is a health tech company built around the simple premise that each and everyone of us should be empowered to live healthier, happier and longer lives. 

Their total wellbeing app that uses movement, mentoring and community to encourage and equip people to realise the power of health had been designed and built but scrapped due to performance issues. 

UAre’s CTO approached Digital Village for a development team to sit alongside the front end dev team and rebuild the backend of the app.

The Solution

Requirements were clear due to the previous attempt at building the app. The major challenges were API integration and collecting, processing and storing the huge amounts of data from the smartwatch API.

Having learned the data structure and API details, technology choices were made based on performance and scalability.

The initial plan to use a conventional direct database update but was switched to AWS Queue system to ensure all data was received due to the large data size and frequency.

The Team

The Tech

The End Result

UAre received a working MVP with core features that could be tested with invited members and presented to investors for their next capital raise.

While developing Phase 1 of the MVP, UAre increased the scope and wanted to add more features and functionality. Digital Village continues to work with UAre and are currently developing Phase 2