Developing Universal’s Virtual Physiotherapy Practice to allow people to have their own physiotherapist in their pocket.

The Challenge

Universal Practice combines the latest technology, clinical expertise and human-centred care to help individuals unlock their full potential.

In order to extend their impact beyond their three in-house studio practices, they aimed to develop a virtual practice that allows people to access and download personalised plans.

A previous technology had been engaged but Universal Practice wanted to explore other options and build value for the business through the ownership of their platform, IP and digital asset.

The Solution

Digital Village was approached by the CEO and CTO to build a team that specialised in the particular technology stack and had experience in the health and wellness industry.

We planned a product roadmap, feedback loop and iterative design and development process to provide continuous incremental improvement and achieve predetermined outcomes for total transparency.

As internal team members would also be involved in the build, a small workshop was run to co-design a way of working that allowed the internal and external team members to work together effectively, communicate clearly and create an enjoyable experience for all.


The Team

The Tech

The End Result

A highly integrated customer experience was developed on time and budget that is highly scalable and customisable. Users are able to seamlessly navigate a four-step process to access the right care.

1) A science based online assessment determines individuals’ specific needs and objectives.

2) UP’s physiotherapists and evidence based algorithm will recommends a personalised programme or series of appointments.

3) Individuals accesses their virtual physiotherapy appointments, rehabilitation programs, strengthening programs and Body Mapping Technology through the app.

4) Throughout the treatment, individuals can access a live physio chat and book any additional in-studio appointments if necessary.

Digital Village are providing continued support for the product and testing for future releases.