All Hands Meet

Dates & Times

Digital Village All Hands meetings take place every 1st Monday of the month at the following times:

This is an invitation only meeting. You need an account on the Digital Village platform to recieve the invitation. you can create a profile here:

LocationLocal Start Time (1st timeslot)Local Start Time (2nd timeslot)
Sydney/Brisbane/MelbourneMon 12.30PMMon 11PM
Manila/HK/Singapore/PerthMon 10:30AMMon 9PM
Laos/Ho Chi Minh/BangkokMon 9:30AMMon 8PM
IndiaMon 8AMMon 6:30PM
KievMon 5:30MMon 4PM
Berlin/Madrid/Belgrade/Cape Town/CairoMon 4:30AMMon 3PM
LondonMon 3:30AMMon 2PM
Buenos Aires / Rio de JaneiroSun 11:30PMMon 10AM
New York/Miami/TorontoSun 10:30PMMon 9AM
Chicago/Houston / BogotaSun 9:30PMMon 8AM
Los Angeles/San Francisco/VancouverSun 7:30PMMon 6AM

For the next 6 months, it would be the following using AEST:

– June 3 (Monday) 12:30PM and 11PM Sydney time

– July 1 (Monday) 12:30PM and 11PM Sydney time

– August 5 (Monday) 12:30PM and 11PM Sydney time

– September 2 (Monday) 12:30PM and 11PM Sydney time

– October 7 (Monday) 12:30PM and 11PM Sydney time

– November 4 (Monday) 12:30PM and 11PM Sydney time


Agenda for monthly All-Hands Meeting  (1 Hour)

– Welcome & Introduction of Producers  (10 minutes)

– Introduce Service Offerings and upcoming Projects  (15 minutes)

– Walkthrough How to Use DV Platform –  (10 minutes)

– Q&A (10 minutes)

– Specialists – 30 seconds elevator pitch (15 minutes)